i've completed the move. it was terribly tedious, having to sit in front of the computer for hours just to import my contacts, resubscribe and update my email settings on ALL of my accounts. i have like 10 of them. lol and i also had to make a new layout so that makes this day extremely taxing. but i'm enjoying it hahahaha. i'll buy this kind of job. lol

anyway. hopefully i'll forget everything about my old email add because it's very confusing. even this blog address in confusing me. rar.

so how's life?
ugghh, boring. even the gym isn't alluring enough.

according to the free nutritional assessment i got the other day, i have to shed off 14 lbs to get into the desirable weight range. 14lbs is a lot! but that's quite manageable naman hahahaha. my sister has to lose some 40lbs! XP

and and and!!!! i'm starting to grow muscles on my legs and i'm freakin not liking it. they look horrible. -___-; well, right now they're not so obvious but when i put stress on my legs, i see an odd shadow of a burgeoning mass of muscle tissue and it's so stiff. T_____T;; thanks to the treadmill.

i particularly don't like growing a lot of muscles because i hate looking like a buff. but since i plan on getting serious on my gym habits this month, i would have to care less. :)

i just wanna lose weight!

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