trying out Healthy Monsters salad in a jar

you know how i've always been trying haaaaard to put healthy stuff in my stomach right? but still cannot put off eating junk haha... i've tried juice cleanse and it works, now my mom regularly makes vegetable juices for the family! ngayon naman i want to try eating salads on a regular basis (naaaks regular daw!) because well, i kindof renewed my love for greens... last year i had a phase where i got so addicted to salads but found it hard to maintain on a regular basis cos mahal, and shopping for veggies is pain, tapos ma-effort talaga gumawa ng salad... yeah with all the cleaning and chopping involved. hahaha 

anyway this post is about a shop selling salads in jars! i learned about Healthy Monsters over at instagram while i was trying to search for juice cleanse/detox services and was curious for a while, so i decided to buy a set of 6 jars! >XD 

it was delivered this week and we consumed it in 2 days hihi pero after the first jar i was already fighting off the temptation not to finish the entire 6 jars in a day. bakit baaa there's breakfast, am snack, lunch, meryenda, dinner, pm snack hahaha >XD

2 caesar salads, chia salad, asian salad, nutty salad, and fiesta salad respectively
on with the flavors!

1. Fiesta Salad
mexican dressing, quinoa, cheese, grape tomatoes, romaine lettuce, corn

shared this with the family (along with the chia salad) for breakfast and we all loved it! the dressing was mixed with the quinoa (the small brown rice-like stuff) so there's no dressing cup included in the jar. i kindof complained about it cos i thought they missed to put the dressing but they clarified that it was mixed naman pala. kudos for entertaining my questions! they're really nice sellers to engage with. hehe

anyway, THIS IS MY FAVORITE. i could eat this all day, promise! it's like nacho salad without nachos, beef, and the fattening cheese. yumyum

2. Chia Salad 
chia seed dressing, cucumber, singkamas, arugula, grape tomatoes, romaine

it's my first time to try chia and i couldn't quite get how it tasted cos i'm confusing the dressing with sesame seed dressing haha. nonetheless, this is another awesome salad! we looooved the dressing!

after downing this one we all realized how important it is to prepare healthy and flavorful DRESSINGS.

3. Nutty Salad
strawberry vinaigrette dressing, walnut, almonds, grape tomatoes, arugula, romaine lettuce

no plate shot cos i ate this one right off the jar after shaking it! 

one thing i loved about Healthy Monsters is their innovative packaging! it's meant to be salad on-the-go so you can enjoy it anywhere! i had fun shaking this jar off, it's a good exercise specially if the cheese is kindof stuck at the bottom hahaha >XD 

it's my first time to try strawberry vinaigrette and mehn, ANG SARAP PALA NYA?! i was all OMG OMG NOMNOMNOM with this. i knew i couldn't afford to replicate this one cos walnuts and almonds are mahal but the strawberry vinaigrette is a new favorite for me! i think i saw some Dizon Farms branded strawberry vinaigrette at the supermarket hihihi will try if it fares well! 

4. Asian Salad
asian dressing, carrots, cabbage, corn, romaine lettuce

another healthy jar. ewan ko ba, whenever i eat greens i feel happy and healthy HAHAHA

again, the dressing is superb! you know how they say not to fool yourself with salads because the dressings are packed with murderous amounts of mayo and all the MSG in the world? the typical asian dressing is all that. but this one is different, it's very light, sweet and isn't guilt tripping at all! 

5. Skinny Caesar Salad
skinny caesar dressing, sunflower seeds, croutons, grapes, tomatoes, cheese, romaine lettuce

i was in a hurry to eat this cos i was so hungry na but i still took a quick snap for this blog haha i was at the office din kasi so mej weird if karirin ko pa ang pag picture nito haha. 

THIS IS MY 2ND FAVORITE! you can opt to have honey mustard dressing or the skinny caesar dressing (which is like sesame seed dressing), and i had 2 skinny caesar jars so they gave me both types of dressings for variety. yehey and thanks! >XD

i enjoyed this jar a lot because it's a different take on the normal caesar salads served elsewhere. i thought all salads are named after the dressing and everything under is all the same (salad staples will always be lettuce and tomatoes! haha). when i chowed on this one, it never tasted like the usual caesar salad because the dressing is different! pero grabe ang sarap pa din! >XD

aaaand that's it! 

if you want to start eating clean and healthy but doesn't have the money (yet) to indulge in a juice detox (like i do!), i highly recommend you start taking salad meals at least once or twice a day cos it's relatively cheaper!

but if you don't want all the hassle of picking the right greens and all, washing them and chopping them, and if you're unsure about the healthfulness of the salad dressings available commercially... IN SHORT (andami kong sinabi), if you don't want to prepare your salads yourself... then try out Healthy Monsters!

Healthy Monsters
Contact no: 0918-985-6323
Pricing: Php 190.00/jar

disclaimer: not a paid post

so much win!

super thank you Nuffnang Philippines for these awesome prizes!!!!

1) this afternoon i got an email saying i was one of the winners of  this blogger contest sponsored by Sky Cable! woohoo! i just won a month's worth of subscription from Sky Cable... with ALL channels! oh yeah! >XD exciting, in fairness! it has been decades since we experienced cabled TV and quite honestly i wasn't expecting the prize (#chos). i was expecting another prize though! i wanted the Sky Cable gift pack cos well, i'm imagining it's a loot bag of corporate giveaways like notebooks and pens and a tumbler and stufffff and sorina, i love freebies! haha

anywaaaaay... here's the complete list of winners! congratulations to everyone!!! we deserve it! yiii. haha

btw here's my contest entry in case you're interested lang naman no haha: Watch Be Careful with My Heart #TheWayYouWantIt

Thank you so much Sky Cable! >XD

2) also this week, won 2 tickets to a blocked screening of X-Men Days of Future Past tomorrow at Shangri-la Plaza!

looking forward to more contest winnings! i can feel it, sunod sunod na to. haha crossing my fingers on Maleficent next week! haha

20 Ways You Can Be The Best friend ever with GoUnli20 This Summer

Summer time means high time for good friends to go out, catch up and enjoy the season! And what better way to keep in touch with your beshies than subscribing to Globe's GoUnli 20 promo! Be sure to always be up to date with your best friends by calling them every day! Whether it's for a gimmick, your daily chatter, or for more intense kwentuhans, Globe has got you covered. For only 20 pesos a day, you get unlimited calls to Globe/TM, 20 texts to all networks, and 15mb all day surf!

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20. Watch a movie! This year has an intense lineup of upcoming films you shouldn't miss and one of them is the most anticipated Maleficent! Go ahead and call your beshies! Showing this May 28, open your minds and discover the real story behind one of the most iconic fairytale villains ever! >XD

19. Join Wanderland, and enjoy the rest of the day in a festivity of arts and music!

18. Speaking of music, spend a chill day at home listening to your favorite music. There's Spotify for that! And look, Globe even gives it to you for free!

17. Do some crafts! I mean i'm just suggesting you know haha I've been following this awesome artist Alessa Lanot and she's a really kickass crafts person (?), she regularly holds workshops and you can check them out in her website!

16. Go to the mall and chill! Anything to keep you from toasting in your probably sauna-fied house right now. haha

15. Have some quality pampering time! Mani, pedi, footspa, facial, and foot massage. Aaaaahh heaven. Cool deals are always up at CashCashPinoy, MetroDeal, and EnsogoPh baka you want to check. hehe

14. TV series marathon! In case you haven't seen Breaking Bad, I highly recommend you do so. Other awesome series I would suggest watching over the summer: Once Upon a Time, Big Bang Theory, and 2 Broke Girls! >XD

13. Go ice skating! SM Megamall has just opened a new skating rink in their new building and it looks ozom. >8D 

12. Selfie-galore! Make sure every bonding moment with your besh is documented by a selfie! 

11. SNS boast! Show the world (well, your social networking sites hehe) how you and your best friend is enjoying the summer by posting those selfies! 


On a more serious note, nothing listed above could probably make you the best friend ever if you never showed your friends how much you love them even without all those expensive days out! So for the remaining items, let's get mushy hihi <3

9. Always ask them how they're doing and what's up and new with their lives. You'll never know where your conversation will take you!

8. Get to know their families!  that escalated quickly ba? haha Pero honestly, it's one thing to have their parents approve of you as a friend! At least you won't have a hard time inviting your beshies over for a sleepover cos their parents know you at least! haha

7. Support them in their dreams! Even it means you'll be away from each other for the most part. What's important is that you keep in touch! hehe #clingyMuch

6. Be there during the hard times: breakups, family issues, or whatever. Let your friend know that whatever it is they're going through, you're just a call away! 

5. Be there during the good times as well! Of course! haha

4. Always have them in your prayers. Ask God to shower them with blessings and guide them in every decision they make! 

3. Listen. Show your friends that you are sincerely concerned with their affairs (esp the serious ones) by listening intently and sympathizing with them. :)

2. Be yourself! enough said! >XD

and lastly, always remember that

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X-MEN: Days of Future Past

In a nutshell, here's what this installment is about (as per my google searches hehe): Wolverine travels back in time to change the past in order to save the future. Yung totoo, I'm no fan of X-Men, but of time travel? YES! HAHAHA
That's one theme I saw in this movie that got me interested. I want to know if there's something unique with their use of time travel here HAHA i'm still kindof unconvinced with the usual implications of time travel, right now i'm leaning more on this theory i mentioned here! haha
anywaaay, i'm not about to argue on the technicalities of time travel, instead i'm here to answer this query: 

What would you correct from your past to save the future?

but before that, let's watch the trailer first hahaha


it's not the first time i was faced with a similar question, and my answer has always been the same. if i were to change something from my past, it would be my course in college! and i see that this is a very very common answer! i believe there's a large chunk of our youth suffering from course mismatch, simply because they weren't evaluated and guided well enough to determine which course they would best fit into. most of the youth today are just following job opening trends without realizing they're trading so much of their lives for it!

okay, that's one thing. i'll change my course. i'll study multimedia arts or visual arts and be a kickass artist someday!

another thing is, in line with my growing (naks) concern about course mismatch, i want to take advantage of the K-12 system to incorporate a course in the basic education curriculum solely focused on helping the students decide what course they want to take in college. by that (past) time, the K-12 bill is probably still being lobbied and undergoing amendments, so it's a great way to reach out and address that concern there.

in that aforementioned course which i would call Comprehensive College Aptitude Program or CCAP (read as SIKAP ohaaa HAHAHA), teachers will devote themselves into instilling how important it is to mindfully select a course in college, and to evaluating the student's aptitude in a variety of things. more so, it will be done with the parents' cooperation as well para they know how to support their children. that's the basic idea, by the end of the course the students must have a clear and reasonable course in mind. through this, i'm envisioning more passionate college students who didn't just mindlessly select a course to take in college. lugi tayo lahat dun e promise.

having students who are naturally interested and inherently adept with their courses will contribute a lot to the formation of a better youth!

i thank you, bow.

amazing spider-man 2 + yoshinoya

yesterday was super cool! went out to dinner with jeckie cos it was so freaking hot in the house plus we can't focus on the tv cos there was so much gamu-gamo flocking the light sources haha ! anyway, on the way to the mall we decided to watch Amazing Spider-Man 2 (arg that awkard dash!)! hehe when we bought our tickets we were given this coupon! yeyy!

you get a coupon for every purchase of 2 movie tickets at the cinema >:D

while waiting for the screen time, we had dinner at yoshinoya! haha my favorite restaurant forever! i was so happy they opened a branch at Fairvew Terraces! that makes my cravings more tolerable! hihi

the usual! 
i had regular chicken teriyaki + miso soup + 2 red ginger + green iced tea = 200 pesos! :D
jeckie ordered a regular gyudon bowl to test how he would fare at this contest...

*drumroll please* GYUDON EATING CONTEST!!! woooh! jeckie was thrilled! so was my sister when i told her about it! hahaha

As per the flier, here are the details:

Yoshinoya 4th Gyudon Eating Contest
Eat-all-you-can in 5 minutes!
Every purchase of Gyudon Meal worth php199 entitles you to join the contest

1st place - php150,000
2nd place - php50,000
3rd place - php25,000

Grand finals - June 14, 2014
Weekly qualifying round - April 21-May 30, 2014

oraaayt, as some sort of practice, i clocked him as he downs a bowl of gyudon meal!

good job! >XD
aaaaaand the result: 1 min 35 secs for that 1 bowl!
so far the record holder listed in 3 bowls and 40 grams in 5 minutes! so we'll see! hahaha go jeckie! hahaha!

on to the movie....
i wasn't so surprised to find this haha

the movie was really amazing! mejo matagal but it was action-packed and intense at the same time naman! and the visul effects were perfect! i really loved peter parker's character here, sobrang angas and funny. haha crush ko na rin si harry osborn (i was to type harry oscorp sarrehna hahaha) because of his eyes and his smile, the hair was a deal breaker though. haha

anyway, my favorite quote:

Aunt May: What happened to your face? It's filthy!
Peter Parker: You know, I was cleaning the chimney.
Aunt May: We have no chimney.
Peter Parker: Whaaat?


new lay

// heyyy got a new lay yo! kaasar. haha

as you can see, i changed my layout again... i guess i was bored with my old layout. i also believe i've used this header countless times already. haha anyway.

// losing sense

maybe it's because i haven't been reading a lot lately and i haven't been spending some really good quality time with God... i feel like my life is losing sense. arg hay. life.

ngayon pa talaga no? right when i'm sure i'll remain employed for the next 3 months hehe. ewan ko ba. i need some soul searching looool.


happy labor day

// finally sold my ipad air

i really wanted to get rid of it asap cos i badly wanted to buy a sony xperia z1 compact already! HAHAHA so last week i was finally able to sell it out to some guy from it's as good as sulit/ebay but i've come to realize that most of the lurkers there are shop owners who buy and sell stuff over at their tiangges, so transactions are usually sure and fast, but then expect your item to be sold at a really low price. :P

and so....

// finally got my hands on a Sony Xperia Z1 Compact!

ahhhh my dream phone! i'm super duper happy! this is the most expensive phone i bought for myself to date, and well, i'm loving it (so far! HAHA). i have a few complains though: the loud speakers are really low, and the battery drains too fast for a 2300mah phone. i had to be on stamina mode forever, argh. but anyway, the size is perfect, the camera is good, and the design and build is just so awesome. i couldn't care less about the bezels though i would appreciate it better if the screen was stretched out a bit. 

will probably do a review? idk. when i have time. haha 

// i topped a module in our boot camp!

i can't believe it too! i was next in line to be truncated, i sweaaaar, so it was such a joyful moment for me when it was announced that i topped java web apps (so much that i promised my batchmates dinner. errrr i should contain myself when i'm happy no?)! 

you see, i was always at the bottom 3, and the 2 people below me have already been truncated so i was worried that i'd be next! but thank God grabeeee. arggggg. T____T; yeyyy. i feel kindof accomplished, though looking at my record i was rather a very inconsistent trainee. hehe

pero you know what, seeing how much i've learned during the training, i can already confidently go back to Smart and take on the projects I left behind! srsly. chos. but i won't do that. yet. too far. yes.

// watching I Hear Your Voice kdrama

aaaah Lee Jong Suk why must you be so hot? this series is super duper kilig and seriously intense at the same time. i cried so much last night over one episode so my eyes looked so bad this morning haha. and uhm, i'm just halfway pa lang through the series but it felt like it like it already climaxed grabe lang. hahaha 

this could easily become one of my favorite kdramas already, next to School 2013! hihi

// designed my resume cos wala lang

no, i'm not looking for a new job cos my 3-year bond just started haha but i created a new one because i got so inspired with the creative resumes i saw online! 

uhm, i would love the description to be true after 3 years you know hahaha, but who knows hehe

to hell with corporate looking resumes. >_<; i want to be a designer so i could have all the liberty to be crazy with my resume lol

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