happy labor day

// finally sold my ipad air

i really wanted to get rid of it asap cos i badly wanted to buy a sony xperia z1 compact already! HAHAHA so last week i was finally able to sell it out to some guy from tipidcp.com. it's as good as sulit/ebay but i've come to realize that most of the lurkers there are shop owners who buy and sell stuff over at their tiangges, so transactions are usually sure and fast, but then expect your item to be sold at a really low price. :P

and so....

// finally got my hands on a Sony Xperia Z1 Compact!

ahhhh my dream phone! i'm super duper happy! this is the most expensive phone i bought for myself to date, and well, i'm loving it (so far! HAHA). i have a few complains though: the loud speakers are really low, and the battery drains too fast for a 2300mah phone. i had to be on stamina mode forever, argh. but anyway, the size is perfect, the camera is good, and the design and build is just so awesome. i couldn't care less about the bezels though i would appreciate it better if the screen was stretched out a bit. 

will probably do a review? idk. when i have time. haha 

// i topped a module in our boot camp!

i can't believe it too! i was next in line to be truncated, i sweaaaar, so it was such a joyful moment for me when it was announced that i topped java web apps (so much that i promised my batchmates dinner. errrr i should contain myself when i'm happy no?)! 

you see, i was always at the bottom 3, and the 2 people below me have already been truncated so i was worried that i'd be next! but thank God grabeeee. arggggg. T____T; yeyyy. i feel kindof accomplished, though looking at my record i was rather a very inconsistent trainee. hehe

pero you know what, seeing how much i've learned during the training, i can already confidently go back to Smart and take on the projects I left behind! srsly. chos. but i won't do that. yet. too far. yes.

// watching I Hear Your Voice kdrama

aaaah Lee Jong Suk why must you be so hot? this series is super duper kilig and seriously intense at the same time. i cried so much last night over one episode so my eyes looked so bad this morning haha. and uhm, i'm just halfway pa lang through the series but it felt like it like it already climaxed grabe lang. hahaha 

this could easily become one of my favorite kdramas already, next to School 2013! hihi

// designed my resume cos wala lang

no, i'm not looking for a new job cos my 3-year bond just started haha but i created a new one because i got so inspired with the creative resumes i saw online! 

uhm, i would love the description to be true after 3 years you know hahaha, but who knows hehe

to hell with corporate looking resumes. >_<; i want to be a designer so i could have all the liberty to be crazy with my resume lol

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