hello again

random musings over the past 2 holidays hehe

 # i still want the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact (oops, not the lenten season reflection you were expecting ba?) 
after all, i'm still in love with the phone. after getting a 4.7" Lenovo S650 i thought i wouldn't want the z1 compact anymore. i thought i'm just being materialistic, i don't really need the z1 compact, i'm just lusting over the specs and design. i'll be fine with the s650. kaso, i realized that it isn't my ideal phone at all. i thought i could live with big screens but i can't. it's fascinating at first cos i really got to appreciate the pixel quality of display. it's fast and responsive and it's an overall cool phone. but it's not handy for me. it's too big. hahaha! what i need is a high-end compact phone. in short, SONY XPERIA Z1 COMPACT!!! HAHAHA (someone buy my ipad air please!)

with that, i might SELL MY LENOVO S650 na lang! watch our for my ad hahaha

# pokki windows 8 start menu is crappy
sorry, it's really slow. i click on the start menu button and i wait 1 second for the menu panel to appear. not cool. but it's the prettiest among the 3rd party win 8 start menu apps i saw eh. :( huhu might upgrade to win 8.1 but i have to research muna parang di maganda dating sa iba eh haha

# i failed the MASTER CLEANSE diet
and wasted php 1,400something for it + sore limbs! let me tell you a story hahaha

# RIP: my sd card just died >X'(
nakakalungkot. lesson learned, next time i'm going to save my mobile photos sa internal memory na lang! huhu all my pointwest memories and stuff over (na hindi ko pa narereview arghhh) pics are goooone! oh no, is this a sign? nooooooo askjdhaskasd

# i haven't made progress in our java web apps project
which reminds me, i should be doing it now... k. >XS

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