[Review] my xend experience

ang cool naman. it's my first time to use xend courier service (http://xend.com.ph) and i'm pretty impressed! 

i scheduled for a pickup on 1:40pm, hoping na umabot sa 2pm cut-off nila for same day pickups. 
and guess what, the courier arrived at 3:30pm! and i didn't have to confirm anything, as in bigla na lang dumating (well the front desk informed me naman shempre haha)! ang bilis diba? considering na i put an office address pa! lol

kudos to xend na rin for having a very well versed pickup guy (lol, can't think of a better term!). i didn't have to go back to my cubicle to fetch my account number hehe. plus he gave me a pad of waybills for my future shipments. yehey! actually you can have this requested, they give it for free! >XD

i'll definitely choose xend on my next orders na. haha

in fairness ha mejo naeenjoy ko tong pabenta benta kong to, imagine before i had to go to the nearest and cheapest courier pa to ship items but now i can have them picked up at my place of choice! so convenient and cheap! hello naman na 89 pesos lang for a provincial delivery (59 for metro manila) ohaaa! 

anyway, my story doesn't end here, i have to chart how long the shipment arrives to its destination pa, which is a provincial area na mejo binabagyo ngayon. oh well. we'll see!

free waybills :)
so far so good! will update this when the item has arrived. hehe


as of September 26, 2013 4:30pm
buyer informed me that he has already received the item! yehey! that's 2 days for a provincial delivery!

thank you xend! till next time! :D

34th Manila International Book Fair!

late post! came to the last day of the 34th MIBF with dan and edlaine! super bad weather buti na lang we were still able to enjoy it!

ang saya saya lang! wala lang, i really came to buy a bible and i'm happy with my purchase! secondary na lang yung makabili ng other books though i was nagaalangan pa kasi i hardly read books na. whenever i think of hoarding a lot of novels, i always think na errr may ebook naman eh! libre pa! haha

moa arena view from the parking lot (wala lang! haha)
anyway, national bookstore and fully booked offered most of their novels for 20% off! that's kinda big for really good titles but it's still bordering on the mahal side, so nevermind na lang ako. 

so i bought a bible, came in line for freebies (shempre! di pinapalampas yon! haha), took plenty of cosplay pictures, and hoarded books at the CSM booth! 

all from CSM (except for the clutch bible)

great titles huh? by the way, i'm selling these! just head over to my ebay page at http://myworld.ebay.ph/melodia04 and see my items for sale! 

with Misa of Death Note
there was a cosplay event at the upper part of SMX so we all took the chance to take home lots of pics with uhm, cool cosplayers. anyway HAHA i was never a fan of cosplay kahit na mahilig ako sa anime noon cos most of them look pilit. you know naman how judgmental i am. shempre in order to get our attention you have to be artistahin to really carry a character. it's not just about costume. yung iba nakakatawa na lang eh. hehe

spotted! ramon bautista and jun sabayton 
on the way out we spotted sir RB and jun sabayton! sobrang kulit! they already stopped accepting papictures kasi siguro pauwi na sila and mukang RB was with his girlie pa yata. kaya yun, group picture na lang. haha 

super duper enjoy day! dinner at ate fe's kitchen and desert at iscreamist after! 

2 sisig, lechong kawali, corn soup and chopseuy! busog sulit!
 first time at iscreamist! ang mahal pala don HAHA

orayt! the end! thank you Lord!

[Review] City Buffet SM Fairview

ever since city buffet opened at sm fairview, my sister and i have always planned to dine there because their foods look amazing, the ambience of the restaurant is nice and cozy, and it's really affordable for a buffet dining experience!

anyway, last saturday jeckie treated me to CB, out of curiosity na rin cos i really wanted to try it na, plus i'm craving for maki. haha

all in all i finished 3 plates of food (not including dessert!). i was very careful not to indulge cos they have leftover charge haha. BUTI NA LANG! cos later on we realized why there's a need for such charge, more than the obvious reason. haha

Plate 1: an assortment of maki! my favorite of aaaaaall the foods i tried! red ginger is awesome! 

i will never get enough of maki grabe! one of my all time favorites! also one of the foods i don't have a 'brand' preference with. like for example pag pizza preferred ko shakeys, pag pasta - napoli's, pag ice cream - selecta. pag maki, i don't care who makes it, i'll eat it! chos basta mukang fresh parin naman diba. haha

i'm glad i ate this first, and even more glad that they didn't screw this food. LATER YOU'LL LEARN WHY. hahaha

Plate 2: kare kare, soup (di ko alam tawag basta ung madalas appetizer soup sa mga chinese restaurant), and *ehem* baked cheese vegetable w/ portuguese sauce

2/3 of this plate sucked. only the soup tasted normal. the kare kare sauce has no trace of tasting like peanuts. it's salty and the vegetables were cold.

the complex sounding dish was all words and no kick. i was expecting a creamy tasting sauce but it was just curry. i don't know about portuguese sauce but they could've just written curried vegetables. curry + cheese doesn't jive well for me, specially when you can't taste the cheese and when you find it on your plate.. what, MOZARELLA?! aaaargh. -__-;

now i know why there are no leftovers allowed.

Plate 3: carbonara, mashed potato, vegetable pizza, nachos and salsa, potato chips and garlic mayo dip.

i thought this would compensate the lack of, ano ba, impression (?) the other dishes have BUT NO. isa isahin natin...
carbonara - i know how a normal carbonara tastes like and i loooove that normal carbonara. but this one is not normal. matabang sya. and it's not even a pinatabang version of the normal carbonara. ewan ko. di ko na-appreciate. -_-;

mashed potato - i think this tastes okay though di ko rin naappreciate masyado. the only mashed potato i like is the one from KFC (or anything similar to their's) but this one's different. my boyfriend liked it though. hehe

pizza - it's cold it's weird and the veggies on top don't seem that fresh anymore. T_T

nachos and salsa - the salsa is very very matabang and the sauce is mejo malabnaw. it's nowhere near Tostitos, and that's how normal salsa tastes like. so disappointed. nachos na nga lang.

potato chips and garlic mayo dip - this was okay! FINALLY?! after how many dishes ngayong lang ulit nagkaroon ng katanggap-tanggap na selection. grr

Dessert: the only other thing i liked after maki! i had halo halo, crepe, and ice cream (vanilla and mango). they serve big scoop ice cream by the way! yummy!

Drinks: for an additional 55 pesos you get bottomless drinks na. i don't remember what they have but we got lemon iced tea and green tea. both are okay! the lemon iced tea is lasang nestea :) they also serve brewed coffee and tea (lipton yellow label). :) oh i had coffee pala, it was your normal brewed coffee! my type of coffee! >:D

Pic spam for your appreciation (don't get too excited though cos most of them are worse than it looks):







i was expecting this buffet to at least taste normal but then it all seemed like a sad attempt for a gourmet buffet. no justice given even to the most common of filipino dishes. western favorites were screwed too. sadly i couldn't recommend this restaurant to anyone specially if you're after quality food. Harsh pero it's actually quite a shitty buffet. -__-;

in any case, the area is beautiful, and the staff and crew are accommodating. also, i think they have a birthday promo or something (yung usong uso ngayon). hehe


Monday - Friday (Lunch) : Php 399
Monday - Friday (Dinner): Php 499
Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays: Php 539
Drink all you can (beer not included) : add Php 55
Children below 4ft: Php 259
Left over price: Php 599

Lunch time: 11:30am - 3:00pm
Dinner time: 5:00pm - 10:00pm

No left over
No take out

Sooo, am i the only one with these thoughts? -_-


here are a few (?) of my preferred specs (so far!) for a smartphone considering the current technology haha

quad core
gusto ko quad core na. when i bought my Lenovo P700i, i was so proud that it was dual core kahit na kaka-release lang ng quad phones noon. kasi ambilis talaga. pero ngayon, laggy na. huhu

because i read somewhere that it's more stable and has less bugs than ice cream sandwich, and consumes less memory? i dunno but my next phone has to be jb at least haha

5-8mp camera w/ LED flash
​5mp is okay for casual day shots. w/ flash edi awesome. pero 8mp w/ flash? awesomerrrr!

​4.0-4.5" screen
4.0 is optimal for my hands even with casing. 4.5 is the biggest i can handle though pero without casing. smartphones nowadays are nagpapalakihan ng screen size huhu i wish they also thought of those mobile savvy people with small hands. huhu

dual-sim (regular size!)
essential requirement. no to micro, i'm not comfortable with having my simcard cut. hehe

at least 1gig RAM
the higher the better

at least 2000mAH battery
mejo nasanay ako sa lenovo na malaki ang battery so this is the least i can settle with. haha

dedicated camera key
HAHA! i have small hands nga kasi kaya it's hard to shoot a selfie by pressing the screen button. hahaha i'd love it if my future phone would have a camera key, kahit na hindi dedicated like for ex i can shoot by pressing the volume down button instead. pwede rin yun. hehe
​hoping na may Lenovo na ganito. haha

nakakainis diba? years ago i would be content with just a basic phone that can play mp3s, but now it has to be this and that and a lot more! talk about how technology is constantly shaping our needs and not the other way around. hay

i could imagine reading this after 5 years, when quad core will be compared to pentium 4 and the world is raving about a deca-core... or something. haha

sudden rain

feeling ko ang malas ko na kahapon. buti na lang. haha

after making up my mind about not joining SMC (smart mountaineers club) because of their super hectic training schedule, and before going home, gutom na gutom na ko so i decided to have chicken joy + coke float for dinner. i went to jollibee paseo at sabi nila wala na silang float! kasi wala ng ice. i told them it's okay without ice. the crew said lulubog and masosomething (magss-sizzle?) daw yung sundae. sabi ko, okay lang lumubog yung ice cream kasi hinahalo ko naman chaka malamig naman kamo ung coke. sabi nya hindi raw pwede. sabi ko, edi unahin nyo na lang ilagay yung sundae, tas chaka ilagay yung coke. she asked the crew beside her kung pwede raw yun. she got back to me and said hindi daw pwede. umiinit na ulo ko. sabi ko, ediba may flip floats kayong binebenta non? panong hindi pwede? nasa ilalim kaya yung sundae non? hindi parin daw. i stopped arguing, rolled my eyes, and cancelled my order. may issugest pa nga dapat ako eh, na ihiwalay na lang ung coke sa sundae but never mind. sobrang nairita na ko. puro na lang hindi pwede!

feeling ko tuloy bawal talaga i-alter ang isang order even at the customer's request. i mean, kung float sya. dapat talagang nasa taas ung sundae? argh.

i walked out really mad, mangiyak ngiyak na nga ko sa inis eh. HAHA gutom na ko. i crossed to McDo and asked if they have float, WALA RIN! i even asked kung nagbebenta pa ba sila ng float kasi recently pag umoorder ako lagi na lang wala. it's not a sarcastic question, more of confirmation lang. nab-bwiset na ko eh. eventually, umalis na lang ako. gusto ko talaga ng fried chicken meal with float!

last attempt, i told myself pag hindi pa ko nakapag float i'll just eat siomai sa mrt station. i crossed another street to another jollibee, and yeheyy my float sila! to make the unnecessarily long story short, i was happy and full. kaso when i went out mga 930pm na non, anlakas na ng ulan. sobra. for some reason. hay.

i was mentally debating on whether to take the bus or mag mrt parin. in the end, nag-MRT parin ako.

when i came there, the guard was announcing that due to a technical difficulty, all northbound rides are until shaw blvd. only. oh no. umatras ako but after a few steps realized na baka sobrang dami na ring tao sa bus stop. okay, so nag-shaw na lang ako. pagbaba ko ng shaw. SOBRANG DAMING TAO NAGAABANG NG BUS! and all the buses were full up to the windshield. grabe lang.

magpapalipas na lang sana ako ng oras sa jbee/mcdo kaso puno, i thought magccrash na lang ako kila janine kaso hassle din. in the end i decided to just walk aaaaaaall the way back (hanggang United St. lang naman) in hopes of spotting a bus na mejo maluwag.

and thank God may naabutan akong maluwag na bus! standing na pero at least hindi pa puno. hehe and thank God ulit dahil not 5 minutes passed at nakaupo agad ako! perks of being a girl. haha and thank God ulit dahil hindi sumakit ulo ko all throughout the ride. haha. >XD


so happy together

spent almost my entire waking hours with jeckie! ate dinner at yellow cab since i was super hungry and curious about Regalado Hive, the newly built commercial center nearby. so far they have pancake house, teriyaki boy and yellow cab. sana may mga tiangge na rin though i doubt cos it doesn't seem to have space suitable to hold such huhu

and our order? large barbecue chicken (serves 6!) and 6 hot wings. fiesta for two! sorry na, whenever i'm really hungry i tend to order a lot. takaw tingin! serves 6 sounded more like 6 slices to me so i thought na baka kulang. HAHAHA eh anlaki pala. argh. dapat regular lang, serves 4, kaso and nagregister sa utak ko, ay 4 slices lang? lugi lugi. tig dalawa lang kami. haha >XD

ansarap nung dahon dahon, whatever that is. <3
matabang without hot sauce

we separated the hot sauce cos ayoko ng maanghang. the chicken was really bland without it. and the hot sauce wasn't that flavorful too (for me ah). and whut after 30 minutes, sebo na sya. mejo eew. haha pa-healthy living kuno, eh yung dahon nga lang sa pizza ung mejo healthy eh hahaha sarreh

after pizza we went to starbucks naman! note that this is kindof a splurge day for me. everything i spent was from my earnings from Mary Kay. naks. LOL. i was supposed to save it kaso. yeah.

was supposed to spend my GCs but i was convinced to purchase a starbucks card instead kasi consumable naman pala yung 300 initial balance (cash or credit payment, GC not allowed). astig. you earn stars for every beverage you purchase. collect 12 within the calendar year and you get a free drink. you also get a free cake on your birth month (every year!) on every purchase of a drink! upon registration online you're also entitled to a free drink to be claimed for 60 days! nag promote? i found this really nice. great way to give back to loyal starbucks customers (which i'm not). so ngayon, i have GC's and a free drink from starbucks! pwede na manlibre :)

sayang hindi ako nakapili ng design. huhu
i've been reading complaints all over FB that the SB card system in most stores are always offline rendering the service useless. aw. they better fix that (as if haha). buti na lang 0 bal na ko. hihihi

in the end we were both very tired and super full.

our so-happy-together look

our real so-happy-together look
 orayt. good night!

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