here are a few (?) of my preferred specs (so far!) for a smartphone considering the current technology haha

quad core
gusto ko quad core na. when i bought my Lenovo P700i, i was so proud that it was dual core kahit na kaka-release lang ng quad phones noon. kasi ambilis talaga. pero ngayon, laggy na. huhu

because i read somewhere that it's more stable and has less bugs than ice cream sandwich, and consumes less memory? i dunno but my next phone has to be jb at least haha

5-8mp camera w/ LED flash
​5mp is okay for casual day shots. w/ flash edi awesome. pero 8mp w/ flash? awesomerrrr!

​4.0-4.5" screen
4.0 is optimal for my hands even with casing. 4.5 is the biggest i can handle though pero without casing. smartphones nowadays are nagpapalakihan ng screen size huhu i wish they also thought of those mobile savvy people with small hands. huhu

dual-sim (regular size!)
essential requirement. no to micro, i'm not comfortable with having my simcard cut. hehe

at least 1gig RAM
the higher the better

at least 2000mAH battery
mejo nasanay ako sa lenovo na malaki ang battery so this is the least i can settle with. haha

dedicated camera key
HAHA! i have small hands nga kasi kaya it's hard to shoot a selfie by pressing the screen button. hahaha i'd love it if my future phone would have a camera key, kahit na hindi dedicated like for ex i can shoot by pressing the volume down button instead. pwede rin yun. hehe
​hoping na may Lenovo na ganito. haha

nakakainis diba? years ago i would be content with just a basic phone that can play mp3s, but now it has to be this and that and a lot more! talk about how technology is constantly shaping our needs and not the other way around. hay

i could imagine reading this after 5 years, when quad core will be compared to pentium 4 and the world is raving about a deca-core... or something. haha

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