so happy together

spent almost my entire waking hours with jeckie! ate dinner at yellow cab since i was super hungry and curious about Regalado Hive, the newly built commercial center nearby. so far they have pancake house, teriyaki boy and yellow cab. sana may mga tiangge na rin though i doubt cos it doesn't seem to have space suitable to hold such huhu

and our order? large barbecue chicken (serves 6!) and 6 hot wings. fiesta for two! sorry na, whenever i'm really hungry i tend to order a lot. takaw tingin! serves 6 sounded more like 6 slices to me so i thought na baka kulang. HAHAHA eh anlaki pala. argh. dapat regular lang, serves 4, kaso and nagregister sa utak ko, ay 4 slices lang? lugi lugi. tig dalawa lang kami. haha >XD

ansarap nung dahon dahon, whatever that is. <3
matabang without hot sauce

we separated the hot sauce cos ayoko ng maanghang. the chicken was really bland without it. and the hot sauce wasn't that flavorful too (for me ah). and whut after 30 minutes, sebo na sya. mejo eew. haha pa-healthy living kuno, eh yung dahon nga lang sa pizza ung mejo healthy eh hahaha sarreh

after pizza we went to starbucks naman! note that this is kindof a splurge day for me. everything i spent was from my earnings from Mary Kay. naks. LOL. i was supposed to save it kaso. yeah.

was supposed to spend my GCs but i was convinced to purchase a starbucks card instead kasi consumable naman pala yung 300 initial balance (cash or credit payment, GC not allowed). astig. you earn stars for every beverage you purchase. collect 12 within the calendar year and you get a free drink. you also get a free cake on your birth month (every year!) on every purchase of a drink! upon registration online you're also entitled to a free drink to be claimed for 60 days! nag promote? i found this really nice. great way to give back to loyal starbucks customers (which i'm not). so ngayon, i have GC's and a free drink from starbucks! pwede na manlibre :)

sayang hindi ako nakapili ng design. huhu
i've been reading complaints all over FB that the SB card system in most stores are always offline rendering the service useless. aw. they better fix that (as if haha). buti na lang 0 bal na ko. hihihi

in the end we were both very tired and super full.

our so-happy-together look

our real so-happy-together look
 orayt. good night!

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