yesterday, the doctor confirmed that the nosy headaches i'm experiencing since i had chickenpox was due to a complication of the virus itself. she said that some of the virus has taken refuge in my nerves, causing my head to hurt. so far, it's on and off so i'm taking pain relievers as needed. the doctor also prescripted me with a month's worth of vitamin B complex, something for the nerves. anyway, there were some things i forgot to ask like,

 1. is it okay to still take multivatimins, since it also has some vitamin B in it? will i be on vitamin B overdose? haha

 2. will my headache be gone after a while? i mean, will the virus in my nerves go away after the medication? or will they just hibernate or something but not totally be out? huhu

doctor also mentioned that if the chickenpox recurs it will be more painful as the virus is acting inside my nerves. aaargh. Lord. huhu

 notes to self, yeah.

 //school 2013

i'm almost done with the series and i'm really really excited for it. you know how i dig romance series but this one got me hooked even without the kilig factor! it's such a hit! aaargh, go nam soon and park heung soo just look so good together. well, not in a yaoi way (i'm so over that). i mean, how do you explain two guys looking good together without making them seem gay? like brothers right, yeah like that. aaaargh

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