// maring, habagat and my chicken pox

i consider myself lucky that my sick leave was kind of extended due to the bad weather. that means i get to rest more and recover fully from chicken pox without wasting my leave credits, yehey! apparently i'm getting daily severe headaches since the onset of my fever fest, and so i rejoice at every chance i get to rest. holy!

anyway, that's not to say i'm happy because of the weather. i'm not. never will be. but it sucks seeing that nothing has changed. i'm starting to think floods are a norm whenever it rains in the philippines, which is wrong and should not be. hay. i'm not about to waste time pointing fingers though haynako. i'm gonna look for clothes to donate na lang.

// pork barrel scam

on another note, i had a very interesting read about the pork barrel scam at this blogsite. crazy large conspiracy out there, whether it's true or not. i find it hard to doubt the veracity of these anonymous commenters cos every freaking thing they say just makes full sense! that or they're too frakking creative! for the most part, i'm enraged. at the very least, i want every one involved in this scam to die be punished, who ever they are, how ever small they benefited from this crime.

// school 2013

after reply 1997 (cute and funny!) and my flower boy neighbor (interesting characters, boring/shallow storyline), i'm off to school 2013! looks promising! i thought it would be some kindof gokusen but no, i guess it's heavier and way stressful! now on ep5. we'll see... >XD

// hate list

i'm sorry if i've been hating on a looooot of things lately. things people do, not exactly the people who do it, though i haven't really cleared myself on that. i get easily irritated by all the vain and boastful stuff i see online, that's why. and i'm guilty of being very judgmental and prejudiced too. hay. sorry.

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