finding your FLOW

i found something really interesting and refreshing in my mail today. it's from Bo Sanchez' newsletter and it's a short article about finding your FLOW. In my understanding, to be in the flow is to be caught up doing something you enjoy so much that you lose track of time. in short it's about being focused about something you enjoy doing. To help, he used an illustration by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (challenging name, i know) which perfectly describes where we could find our flow. I also found it helpful and reassuring with regards to where i stand in my job right now. haha  

applying it to the workplace, i could say that i'm standing (more like weeping) on the ANXIETY quadrant. work challenges are high and i could pretty much say that my skills are on the low level yet. and it's true! i've always ranted about how my job here is eating me alive. haha then again, if i may suggest adding a new factor to the illustration, given TIME, i believe that ANXIETY can be transformed to FLOW. and that's what i'm very very hopeful of. 

here i realized that, just because i'm facing a hard time at work because of my technical incompetencies means i should look for another job or pursue art and design and blah where i'm sure i will get my flow. God blessed me with a degree in computer science and i believe he wants me to learn further. if i'm leaving this job, i want to leave it fulfilled, knowing that i left as an asset and not someone lost who just wandered around and now wants to move elsewhere because she couldn't find her mojo. 

thank you for this wonderful message, Lord! 
i think this day is going to be cool. haha >XD

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