come on, money!

there's something bothering me about my life right now. yun o. naks. haha. a lot of my time is lost commuting to work and back home! if i were to sum them up, that's approximately 4-5 hours spent collectively outside. mind you, that's a lot of time! i could've used that to exercise or sleep early but obviously that's just an excuse cos even if i worked nearby i'll hardly get myself to do those still. hahaha

anyway, my sister told me that it usually takes 2-3 years for someone to master a certain skill. applying that to the work place, that means i still have hope. yehey! that's a really really big breather for me. remember how i was always complaining about feeling useless and dumb most of the time at work? LOL. maybe i just need time! yes! hay buhay. ang tagal ng 2 years! 9 months to go before i ask myself (again!) if still want to stay. ang laking factor talaga nung malapit ka lang sa bahay. huhu all this pollution is killing me. lol

anyway, since malapit na ang sweldo (containing part 2 of our 13th month pay + some OT pay hihi), it's high time for another wishlist! di ko naman bibilhin lahat to on swelday but hmmm we'll get to that someday!

1. Lenovo S720 (~Php 10000)
lol what i liked about this phone upon first glance is the presence of MOST of the physical features i needed in a phone, mainly: LED flash and dedicated camera key. talo nga lang ako sa size cos it's too big for my hands haha pero keri lang. i do hope it gets a jellybean update though! >XD i also love how it looks almost like the the HTC One haha.

Lenovo LePhone S720 Android 4.0 SmartPhone 4.5 Inch IPS QHD Screen MTK6577 Dual Core 3G GPS - White

2. office desk (~Php 2000-5000)
i want a really simple desk for my room. preferrably glass topped and rectangular. without any drawers. pretty much like this!
Office Desk

3. mobile pedestal (~Php 3500)
i like the one i have in the office HAHA parang ganto

3-Drawer Mobile Pedestal File W/ Full-Length Pull 15-7/8w x 19-1/4d Charcoal . $231.08

4. office chair (~Php 1400-6000)
i would love something like this. yung pwede mag indian sit haha. 

Black Leather Low Back Swivel Office Chair

as you can see, i want a new office system in my room. hahaha i badly want to clean up na rin cos i have lot of stuff that's only accumulating dust, and you know i'm allergic to dust. hayy thinking of selling most of my books na rin, they're not a lot, but they're really good titles. HAHA i was thinking of moving entirely to the digital format, as in pdf na lang lahat para handy! when i get that 4.5 inch phone naman i think i can bear with the size. LOOOOOL RepliGo PDF Reader is the way to go.

5. new NIV Bible (~Php 1000)
yung expensive at red leather/leatherette yung cover. ANG ARTE! pero seryoso, kelangan raw mahal para basahin mo talaga araw araw eh. sabi nga ng isang post, "the bible is bread, to be taken daily. not cake, to be taken occasionally." word.


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