pet peeves and double standards

1. selfies

this is really mean but there are just a ton of selfies i don't appreciate, specially those with malicious clothing. and another thing, a solo picture is not a selfie unless you took it yourself. arg it also irritates me seeing people post a #selfie with 2 people in it. #gawd

2. quotes without credit/s

some people are just so fond of posting smartass lines without mentioning who the real author is. do some research will you? even anonymous is fine! or double quotes! i know most of the people who do this have no intention of stealing the quote per se, but what i'm really concerned is that some readers may think you're that smart, when in fact... oops sorry.

 3. i'm-such-a-good-person posts

i appreciate good people. really. what i don't appreciate are those who do it for the spotlight, people who do something good and post it online for the obvious reason of looking good, or feeling good knowing people think they're good. unless you're calling out to extend help, i see these kinds of posts as yet another papogi attempt to gain leverage in this never ending social elections.

4. braggers

highly technical posts about your job that's meant to show off how cool and complex your job is. main target are those who wouldn't understand, cos they tend to worship things like this. pity.

5. parinig posts

so high school. who cares about your problems, really?! this includes relationship problems and rants and blah. grr

and with that, 200+ friends down on facebook. hm.

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