My High 5 Test Results

I took a High 5 test just now and here are my uhm high 5's?

It's a free personality test by the way, an alternative to Clifton Strengths Online Talent Assessment which costs at least $20 to take. It's usually company sponsored but I got curious and didn't wanna pay so I sought out an alternative. Anyway... here's what the results mean:

Time Keeper

Your objective is to set timelines and deadlines. Because of your dislike of surprises, you love to plan. You don't necessarily need to control everything and everyone, but there must be order and predictability in the world around you. You unconsciously impose the structure onto everything by setting up routines, timelines and deadlines. If you set up plans, you make sure you follow them through thoroughly. Your need for structure becomes very useful in a team or a project since you can bring order and discipline to maintain progress and productivity.


Your objective is to take responsibility. If there is a person who is emotionally bound to follow through on all promises - then it's you. Your strong ethical principles do not let you to simply write missteps off on excuses and rationalizations. It holds true no matter how small or large is the issue you are dealing with. Your name and reputation depend on you being responsible for your commitments. That's why people love to have you in their team. When assigning new responsibilities, they look at you first. They are 100% sure that what'll get on your desk - will get done no matter what.


Your objective is to think. Some get excited by exercising their biceps or triceps, you - by stretching your 'brain muscles' through deep thinking. It does not necessarily mean you are a very focused person. It just means you enjoy the mental activity and meaningful conversations. For your mind journeys, you perceive yourself as the best companion. This introspection allows you to digest complex information and ideas before communicating about it with the surrounding world. Who wouldn't like to have a team member who can simplify even most sophisticated concepts in a way that a 3-year-old would understand?

Problem Solver

Your objective is to solve problems. Any breakdowns are normally demotivating to the majority of people, but not for you. At the contrary, when something does not work the way it should be, it provides you an opportunity to analyze symptoms of a problem, identify what's wrong and find the solution. In other words, you are a great problem solver. What makes you particularly special is that instead of abandoning - your goal is to restore something to its true glory. In a team, everyone knows you as a person who does not shy away from a problem, but actually fixes things to their normal functioning.


Your objective is to be empathetic to others' emotions. No one can step into the others' shoes better than you - it comes so naturally to you. You might not agree with every perspective and emotion, but most importantly you are able to understand what the person is going though. It allows you to have personalized approach to everyone, to see their differences and specialties, to include them and to treat fairly. Naturally, it draws others to you, as you know exactly how they feel. In a team, such a strength based on kindness can be essential for mitigating conflicts by making sure all team members are aware of each other's emotions and challenges.



I've been compulsively twisting my hair ever since idunno when and it's becoming a problem (to the people around me at least). I want to stop but it doesn't always occur to me to stop lol. It just feels... relaxing, you know, twisting a lock until my scalp burns and tips of unlucky strands dry and fall out. Until my arm hurts from reaching my head and my neck stiffens from this chronic urge. It's the same spot on my head ever since the habit recurred. Fortunately it hasn't grown to a bald spot yet, that I'm only on the twisting phase, not pulling yet. But who knows. Yes, it recurred. It started when I was in college. I couldn't remember when, but most likely during thesis days haha. Then it stopped for a while, I'm not sure actually. Maybe it never stopped, I just didn't notice cos no one's constantly telling me off back then.

I'm twisting my hair as I write. No, I'm twisting my hair in between thinking what to write next. I should probably keep typing to keep me from reaching up. Damn.

It's most probably work. I mean, what else could it be. I've been stressed at work a lot lately. There's this project, this team, that I really want to stop dealing with altogether because the tasks are too complicated and impossible to implement properly. Urgh. That's it. That's my problem. I don't wanna deal with them anymore. But I also know I'm not gonna be free until I face this problem. There's no way to escape this feeling of dread. Huhu.

I'm also having some sort of social media identity crisis, if there's such a thing. If there's one thing I'm deathly afraid of overdoing on social media, it's promoting myself. I would hardly invite people from my own network to come visit my channel or come read my blog. Mostly because I'm afraid of being judged. That's why I made separate The Blahger accounts on Facebook and Instagram. Because I wanted to isolate myself from my content. Thing is, my content is drawn from my personal life so it's hard to keep them apart without being redundant. Anyway.

Yeah. Just want to let this out first thing this week. 


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