and i thought eventually i'd get used to myself mentally whining about resigning everyday,but it seems like the dread is back on the loop. what i want others to understand is that i'm a fkn clean slate, employee with absolutely no knowledge on the prerequisites of her job. student who probably didn't learn anything substantial from school. i don't C, i don't Java, i don't UNIX, i don't Perl. i'm trying to learn all those while struggling to keep my self-esteem intact.

every day i wonder what kind of sorcery happened that they hired me. my exam was a flop, seriously. i drew a non-standard flowchart for a problem that requires java codes. and i only finished 1 problem out of the required 3 in a pool of 7. no, i don't probably need more pep talking. i'm well aware that i'm not cut out for this job, for this world, for this company. it was probably a mistake they hired me, and i'm suffocating from the pressure i inflicted on myself.


that was a note i created two days ago, supposed to send it to this blog but thought it could well sit for awhile (until now shempre). haha

right now, i'm tying to renew my hopes that everything will be better eventually. why, i'm a freaking worrywart. and i get easily discouraged. >:P uhm, my boss kinda helped lessen my worries though, and jeanne too. oh and also trish as she quoted a very inspiring conversation she had with the HR.


really now

huh anlabo. last month, i took the exam at accenture for ASE and FAILED. yeah, i blogged about it. i waited extra hours for the result and when my patience gave in, i decided to just leave and wait for their confirmation through email. it arrived that same day, and it says 'we regret to inform you blah blah blah...'

but just now, i received a text message from them, telling me to pass a copy of my TOR and updated resume tomorrow b/w 10-4pm. ikindof can't understand what's happening kasi uhm. i dunno, mejo confused pa ko sa smart eh. hehe yes this is a more convenient opportunity, i just don't know what to do. hay.

we'll see.
naguluhan tuloy ako lalo.

goodbye wave, goodbye w510

in an attempt to finally pay off all my debts (all meaning the grad fee i borrowed from the fund), i had to sell my phone and digicam. it cost more than i needed to be debt free but the remaining money i shall use to purchase a new and better phone! i'm eyeing on the samsung galaxy y duos because from now on i have to maintain two lines (sun and smart, for personal and corporate use respectively). >XD

i'll be digicamless for a while until i have saved enough money for a kodak easyshare m200. specs say it's smaller and more compact, cheaper and blah. also, it's kodak and even though i think the brand's quite dying already, i have so much regard for kodak cams because it takes quality pictures. yeah. seriously. no annoying pixels. >XD

hmm on another thought, i haven't told my parents i sold those two gadgets. well, i have every command of the wave cos i bought it from my salary as a student assistant. but the digicam, hmm, well mom paid it through credit card and i paid her monthly for it, but err. hope that counts.

i'm excited to go home and clear aaaaaaall my frakking debts! i'm also excited to see if i'll be able to access this desktop remotely from home.

lesson learned this morning, i'll never ever take the bus to work ever and ever again. even if i think it's still very early to be caught in traffic, eventually the streets will be flooded and i'll regret i ever took the cool and tempting bus to Ayala, exchanging coolness and comfort for tardiness. >:'( in short, i was late (again!), 46 minutes to exact! well yeah, we have semi-flexi time here but it's not cool for a probationary employee to be changing work scheds every now and then. >XS

stand by till 6:30! >XD

blogging from work

for the short (who knows) meantime that my computer doesn't have internet access yet. i may blog though my email account from time to time. LOL
and this is just a test to see if it works. >:)

Arianne Grace C. Birog (Yan)
IT - Operation Support Systems
Smart Communications, Inc.

This communication is intended solely for the use of the addressee and authorized recipients. It may contain confidential or legally privileged information and is subject to the conditions in http://smart.com.ph/corporate/disclaimer.


here we go again. like usual, i'm a total odd ball at meetings, i couldn't keep up with the terms and the entire thing just blew my head off! i understood a bit (like 1/10 of the entire agenda) about the whole project but i can't imagine how to execute that. codes yknow. java know. i die nao. when i came back to my desk i was so lugmok, actually thinking of resigning and calling pointwest if we can still discuss about their job offer after i declined a month ago. i mean, i was thinking maybe they also have a +2k basic pay increase for high flyers (urgh. yeah roight), that would really mean a lot. it's like, 2 days of actual work at smart and here i am thinking i'm better off locked for 3 years at pointwest. hahaha >XS i totally missed the importance of what pointwest said where it doesn't matter if you don't know anything because they will provide you with complete training. training, yeah. that's what i'm kindof looking for. i miss the classroom. hayy.

anyway. a bit of pep talk with my colleagues jeanne and janine, and i kindof felt a little better. though you know, who knows.


How to permanently and easily unlock your Samsung GT-E1080F (Network Lock, Sim Lock)

My phone was initially Sun locked and i wanted to insert a Smart Buddy sim on it. i searched around and this is what i found effective:

1. insert wrong sim card to phone. in my case, i inserted a smart buddy sim card on my sun locked phone.
2. turn it on. it will ask for a Network Code (or similiar). choose SOS (for emergency calls) and dial: *2767*3855#
-while typing you will notice that the 3855 part is masked with multiple dashes (i.e. it will appear *2767*----#).
-it will cause your phone to restart.
3. change the network code by dialing: *7465625*638*00000000*00000000# (that's 2 sets of 8 0's for you)
-if it restarts and asks you for a Network Code, key in 00000000 (eight 0's still >:D)
4. then permanently unlock the phone by dialing: #7465625*638*00000000# (still eight)
5. check the phone lock status by dialing:  *#7465625#
- it should display INACTIVE on the item Network Lock

there you go! worked for me! i restarted the phone and re-inserted the sim to see if it really works, and it did! >:D

Comment if it worked for you too! >:D

8/1/2013 UPDATE:

Thank you for all the positive feedback! Glad to be of help :)

Some of you were asking why it doesn't work on your phones and honestly, i couldn't answer specifically because i never ran into any problems when i tried this fix. Anyway, here are my suggestions in case you're stuck somewhere along the tutorial...

1. make sure it's Samsung GT-E1080F Model
there are lots of other models with the SAME LOOK so please make sure that you're working on that specific model, otherwise i cannot guarantee anything.

2. make sure that you dialed the numbers CORRECTLY

3. i cannot verify if this guide is specific only to SUN LOCKED phones, but according to one comment it also worked on a SMART LOCKED phone.

that's all i can suggest. thanks for reading!

8/24/2016 UPDATE:

To those who have successfully unlocked the network but are experiencing SIM LOCK problems, try these. No guarantees though 'cos I just found these codes from a forum and haven't tried them yet.

#0111*0000000# -  removes SIM Lock
#7465625*746*00000000# disables SIM lock



sometimes i'm thinking if all of this was worth it. if my choice was right. that in exchange of a better sounding company and a 5 thousand salary difference, i'm facing a lot of hassles in life, stress and my kryptonite -- java. i'm thinking if the experience will be worth all the hardships, the weight loss and the exponential depletion of my self-esteem. i'm thinking if i'm just overreacting, and mostly unaware and not confident of my own competency (which i'm seriously not banking on). i'm thinking if i'll survive. if i'll make it on the next 6 months. i'm no good at this seriously. i may just be treading the wrong path, swerving away from my comfort zone with a promise of a better market value after what, 3 years? too freaking long.


adjustment bureau

no not the movie, just yknow, something i think i'm kindof touring right now.

so you see, i can live with the haggard commute home, standing on the bus from ayala to guadalupe at the least (megamall at worst), the seemingly endless walks, and the muscle pain, EVERYDAY. yes, i can totally live with that. every time i stand on the bus and hold the hand bars for dear life, i see it as a toning exercise. now my arms hurt like crazy. but that's okay, no muscle pain, no muscle gain hahaha

but really, first day of office deployment and i feel stressed already. so much to learn and so many intiimidating people. hay


tiring days

i'm actually pretty scared to start working, mainly because i just realized how dynamic and fast-paced Smart is. i dunno if i could handle the workload, the technology shifts every now and then, and the travel. took me 2 hours to get home because of heavy traffic. >XS plus i'm like so nega about getting regularized, i don't think my knowledge and skill sets are enough to get me through the tough process. paranoia probably but it just gets me so scared. >XS

anyway, just got our IDs today! yeyyy >XD yah i'm so happy i could resign with just this HAHA

the best thing about the week long onboarding program is probably the FOOD. HAHAHA saya eh

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