goodbye wave, goodbye w510

in an attempt to finally pay off all my debts (all meaning the grad fee i borrowed from the fund), i had to sell my phone and digicam. it cost more than i needed to be debt free but the remaining money i shall use to purchase a new and better phone! i'm eyeing on the samsung galaxy y duos because from now on i have to maintain two lines (sun and smart, for personal and corporate use respectively). >XD

i'll be digicamless for a while until i have saved enough money for a kodak easyshare m200. specs say it's smaller and more compact, cheaper and blah. also, it's kodak and even though i think the brand's quite dying already, i have so much regard for kodak cams because it takes quality pictures. yeah. seriously. no annoying pixels. >XD

hmm on another thought, i haven't told my parents i sold those two gadgets. well, i have every command of the wave cos i bought it from my salary as a student assistant. but the digicam, hmm, well mom paid it through credit card and i paid her monthly for it, but err. hope that counts.

i'm excited to go home and clear aaaaaaall my frakking debts! i'm also excited to see if i'll be able to access this desktop remotely from home.

lesson learned this morning, i'll never ever take the bus to work ever and ever again. even if i think it's still very early to be caught in traffic, eventually the streets will be flooded and i'll regret i ever took the cool and tempting bus to Ayala, exchanging coolness and comfort for tardiness. >:'( in short, i was late (again!), 46 minutes to exact! well yeah, we have semi-flexi time here but it's not cool for a probationary employee to be changing work scheds every now and then. >XS

stand by till 6:30! >XD

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