Man of Steel from Schick and Wacoal

super duper late post! anyway, i just want to thank, yet again Nuffnang Philippines for my nth free movie! they held 2 contests for man of steel, one from Wacoal and the other one from Schick! i'm blessed to have won in both screenings, resulting to me watching it twice in a week, both with jeckie!

the movie was really action packed specially towards the end where there's so much of the earth breaking haha. there were times i didn't understand the pacing and cinematography but i believe it's typical zack snyder style, so yeah. what i appreciated most with this movie aside from the action is that it reveals how clark kent struggled growing up as a human. he always knew he was different and stronger than most, so it's highly admirable that he grew up as a good person, forever patient with the humans' insensitivity/idiocy/whatever. thanks a whole bunch to the couple who fostered him. i also liked how, at the end (you don't mind spoilers now do you?), he chose to save the earth over reviving his planet. that is just so Christlike, or so they say. >XD

Wacoal Screening!

anyway, the wacoal screening was set at Newport Mall, Resorts World on its premiere night. that's july 12, independence day! i spotted a lot of celebrities like liz uy, rica peralejo, patty laurel, etc. i think i also saw sir abe olandres somewhere. lol i'm not sure!

anyway, on top of the wacoal freebies they gave all of us (900 worth of online vouchers!), i also won additional 1,000 worth of wacoal merchandise from their twitter raffle! yeheyy!

it's a cool thing that wacoal hq is (almost) just across our office at makati so right at the deadline, i used my vouchers and purchased two sports bras! yeyyy! that's actually that cheapest bra they have there haha but still perfectttt hihi >XD

Schick Screening!

this one was set the coming friday at shangri-la mall. the really cool thing about this night was the freebies.

the perfect father's day gift! a paperbag full of schick goodies! you bet, pang-ahettt! >XD sandamakmak mga 10++? i lost count hahaha may shaving cream pa haha

there you go! nights full of fun and freebies! >XD thank you Lord!


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