just started with Mary Kay!

hello! this is the first time i felt excited to wear make-up! seryoso! ang kulet nga eh, i'm not saying i'm a late bloomer. pero sige pwede na rin. lol

matagal na kong fan ng Mary Kay mainly because of the quality. my mom was the one who indirectly introduced it to me, after which i've grown quite a liking to it. pero di pa ganon ka-intense, after all, di ko pa afford nung mga time na yon. haha

but just recently, ate wheng, my new friend and also our victory group leader mentioned about their promo something something so sabi ko, weh? ganon lang babayaran ko? LOL and so 4 days after hearing about the promo, i joined Mary Kay! hahaha

the plan is to just hit the promo, then que serra serra na. meaning, i won't push myself further! after all, i'm just after the make-up! and until now the plan still holds. i'm just pretty fascinated about how it's affecting me, like i'm suddenly excited to groom up like a real lady! for the first time! haha exciting much! i've never felt this excited to look beautiful naks. hahaha

anyway, this is my SONA-caused look LOL. specifically my sobrang-traffic-kaninang-umaga-kaya-umuwi-na-lang-ako-at-nag-make-up look.

as you can see, it's barely there. kinda oily pa nga eh. but that's not oil. that's glare! as if? haha anyway, forgive me cos i'm still starting pa lang and experimenting on what looks best on me that i could use on a daily basis. i'm getting hooked on liquid foundation but it's such a hassle having to put it on properly. you know, making it all pantay with no bumps and crap. the horrorrrr.

LOL. for this look (naaaaks bumu-beauty blogger) i used the following Mary Kay products:
i mean, just in case you would possibly possibly want this look. HAHAHA

timewise matte-wear liquid foundation (beige 2)
for my complexion (i'm maitim, or morena in a more encouraging word). beige 2 is still a bit too light. i just tried it cos i saw it in mommy's purse haha. i'm a beige 4, btw. but in fairness, kahit sobrang puti nung beige 2, using just a small drop and lots of crazy brushing on my face. it kinda blended well! LOOOOOOL

mineral cheek color (shy blush)
yes i'm wearing blush on! a very shy one in case you never noticed LOOOOOOL

eye liner (black)
which is very very dry na because its cap got lost but nevertheless it was very easy to apply. naaks. LOOOOL

and finally...

mineral powder foundation (beige 2)
just to finish off the liquid foundation. blah

it's pretty bare on cam but i actually like it up close. much barer. LOOOOL. kidding. 

anyway, all of those products, you can find by browsing our e-catalog here: http://tinyurl.com/MaryKayForSale

and for orders, you can always reach me by commenting here! just make sure to leave your email so i can get back to you asap! >XD

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