Titus Pens iDoodle Contest 2013

happened July 1, 2013 at SM Marikina Cyberzone

i've been meaning to blog about this awesome event but i never had the time haha. at least ngayon meron na! thanks to SONA, i had to take the day off because of the terrible traffic. thankfully, it's a good time to finally catch up with my pending blog posts! yeyy!!

so i learned about this doodle contest via my friend's mailing list. i took jeckie with me to the contest, and together we went on a cool adventure to SM Marikina. lol. it was a short trip, we used the LRT at Gateway, Cubao. and well, hanep lang! elibs na elibs kami sa LRT dun! ang ganda! being regular MRT passengers, riding this LRT for the first time was very refreshing.

cool looking station haha

it was so spacious inside the train. tingnan nyo naman! haaayyy when will MRT be like this? >XD

anyway, on to the event! there were so many artists who came, most of them looking like students hehe. honestly it was a bit cramped, it was hard trying to move around. the seats are so packed together because of the volume of the people who came.

nevertheless, i enjoyed it! 3 hours of nonstop doodling using their awesome oil-gel ball point pens and i was able to come up with this! and i insist on the many shots. haha

i didn't win but it was such an amazing experience. it's kindof the first ever art contest i joined outside of school (if i remember correctly), and i had no regrets. plus, i discovered that the pens they provided were so freaking awesome. believe me when i say this, i have a knack for pens and Titus fine oil-gel ballpens are the greatest if you're into ballpen art. just look at the quality! the colors are all sharp and vibrant and it's so different from the typical panda ballpens. you can trace a pencil line art with em and the ink won't run. how awesome is that. it's the type of ballpen that will make you want to reaaaaally draw your balls out. >XD

oh, before i forget, the grand winner! >XD

by Marvin Bandoles
taken from https://www.facebook.com/doodleartenthusiasts
congrats! those are frkn crazy details! amazing! >XO the other winners really kicked major ass as well. it was very inspiring having to see so much talent in one place!

yeheyy! happy that i took home lots of these!

thank you Titus Pens, for this wonderful experience! for the free shirt, name tag, pencil, eraser, envelope, folder, and of course the glorious pens! >XD

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