Manila Bulletin Sketchfest 2013

happened July 15, 2013 @ Ayala Triangle, Makati

i was so excited when i first heard of it! but when i came there with chii and jeckie, nalula ako. cartolina pala ang canvas. that's just so big. and there weren't enough seats/tables for everyone so most of the contestants just sat on the ground and drew there. very very uncomfortable. argh. i thought the event was BIG but honestly, i didn't quite feel the hugeness of it considering that Manila Bulletin is hosting it along with a mean bunch of media partners. hay.

jeckie and chii

the freebies also didn't feel like freebies at all. maped pencil/eraser, heaps of magazines (back issues), and a copy of manila bulletin for that day. aside from the maped pencil/eraser which i found really cool, i felt the rest was just given for disposal. no offense meant. i just think everything in the contest required so much from the artists that i believe everyone should at least be amply rewarded. it was a bit disappointing on that note. >:)

i have no qualms about the prizes though, they were awesome. yeah.

anyway, since i gave up on the size (stupid me for not realizing that beforehand), i just took most of the time looking around and taking pictures of others doing their works. there may be only a few who joined the contest but most of them are really really frkn good! hehe if you feel like you belong in this so-called album of few, please comment below so i could give due credit.

also, i picked just the ones i thought looked awesome . >;)

winners from the previous years:

3rd Place - Mark Joseph Mabuna
Sketchfest 2012
Senior Category
2nd Place - Erwin Mallari
Sketchfest 2012
Senior Category
1st Place - Emmanuel Robles
Sketchfest 2012
Senior Category
3rd Place - Justen Paul Tolentino
Sketchfest 2011
Junior Category
awesome artists at work!

thanks for scrolling! saw yourself? just comment below! >:D

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