FEU Diliman Batch 2012 Yearbook Layout

FEU Diliman Batch 2012 Yearbook

late post! my first and proudest published work yet! published in a sense that it was printed, distributed and sold. hehe anyway, in fear that i may be violating any creative commons rights here, if in case you find any of your work/s visible in this project, please note that i inserted a general acknowledgement, on one of the last few pages of the book, to anyone who contributed to the yearbook's success. that of course my includes online sources, though not specifically broken down.

so if you see anything here that requires proper credit, the best i can do is list them here, and thank you with all my heart. i used a ton of stuff here that i wasn't able to keep track anymore: brushes, wallpapers, textures, patterns, fonts, and that sarimanok cover .... they're free online but yeah, credit is credit.

so there, drop it when you see it.

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