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hooray for yet another new layout! gaaaah i spent so much time working on this! quitting the slideshow for good (deym page load!). i initially wanted to install a nivo slider up there, in fact i've found some pretty neat layouts from BTemplates pero ewan, nabobo ata ako at wala akong na-achieve sa page-edit edit. and besides i felt bad about installing a pre-made theme. parang labag sa kalooban ko. gusto ko design ko. lol

hm. work is becoming more and more stressful than ever. kahapon lang nag-sink in sakin na we have to deliver something by next month. WHUT. i'm not even halfway in understanding the whole project. not even a quarter close to finishing my modules. hay. stress. grr. makes me wonder, AGAIN and AGAIN, why i'm still putting up with all this shiz. i haven't even made up my mind (like super duper) if i'm going to be in here for the long run. not just in smart, but the whole software development industry in general. feel na feel ko talagang i'm not cut out for this job. talk about drama. 

meanwhile, my ovaries are exploding over this:

cam gigandet

sana july 10 na. 

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