[Review] my xend experience

ang cool naman. it's my first time to use xend courier service (http://xend.com.ph) and i'm pretty impressed! 

i scheduled for a pickup on 1:40pm, hoping na umabot sa 2pm cut-off nila for same day pickups. 
and guess what, the courier arrived at 3:30pm! and i didn't have to confirm anything, as in bigla na lang dumating (well the front desk informed me naman shempre haha)! ang bilis diba? considering na i put an office address pa! lol

kudos to xend na rin for having a very well versed pickup guy (lol, can't think of a better term!). i didn't have to go back to my cubicle to fetch my account number hehe. plus he gave me a pad of waybills for my future shipments. yehey! actually you can have this requested, they give it for free! >XD

i'll definitely choose xend on my next orders na. haha

in fairness ha mejo naeenjoy ko tong pabenta benta kong to, imagine before i had to go to the nearest and cheapest courier pa to ship items but now i can have them picked up at my place of choice! so convenient and cheap! hello naman na 89 pesos lang for a provincial delivery (59 for metro manila) ohaaa! 

anyway, my story doesn't end here, i have to chart how long the shipment arrives to its destination pa, which is a provincial area na mejo binabagyo ngayon. oh well. we'll see!

free waybills :)
so far so good! will update this when the item has arrived. hehe


as of September 26, 2013 4:30pm
buyer informed me that he has already received the item! yehey! that's 2 days for a provincial delivery!

thank you xend! till next time! :D

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