trying out Healthy Monsters salad in a jar

you know how i've always been trying haaaaard to put healthy stuff in my stomach right? but still cannot put off eating junk haha... i've tried juice cleanse and it works, now my mom regularly makes vegetable juices for the family! ngayon naman i want to try eating salads on a regular basis (naaaks regular daw!) because well, i kindof renewed my love for greens... last year i had a phase where i got so addicted to salads but found it hard to maintain on a regular basis cos mahal, and shopping for veggies is pain, tapos ma-effort talaga gumawa ng salad... yeah with all the cleaning and chopping involved. hahaha 

anyway this post is about a shop selling salads in jars! i learned about Healthy Monsters over at instagram while i was trying to search for juice cleanse/detox services and was curious for a while, so i decided to buy a set of 6 jars! >XD 

it was delivered this week and we consumed it in 2 days hihi pero after the first jar i was already fighting off the temptation not to finish the entire 6 jars in a day. bakit baaa there's breakfast, am snack, lunch, meryenda, dinner, pm snack hahaha >XD

2 caesar salads, chia salad, asian salad, nutty salad, and fiesta salad respectively
on with the flavors!

1. Fiesta Salad
mexican dressing, quinoa, cheese, grape tomatoes, romaine lettuce, corn

shared this with the family (along with the chia salad) for breakfast and we all loved it! the dressing was mixed with the quinoa (the small brown rice-like stuff) so there's no dressing cup included in the jar. i kindof complained about it cos i thought they missed to put the dressing but they clarified that it was mixed naman pala. kudos for entertaining my questions! they're really nice sellers to engage with. hehe

anyway, THIS IS MY FAVORITE. i could eat this all day, promise! it's like nacho salad without nachos, beef, and the fattening cheese. yumyum

2. Chia Salad 
chia seed dressing, cucumber, singkamas, arugula, grape tomatoes, romaine

it's my first time to try chia and i couldn't quite get how it tasted cos i'm confusing the dressing with sesame seed dressing haha. nonetheless, this is another awesome salad! we looooved the dressing!

after downing this one we all realized how important it is to prepare healthy and flavorful DRESSINGS.

3. Nutty Salad
strawberry vinaigrette dressing, walnut, almonds, grape tomatoes, arugula, romaine lettuce

no plate shot cos i ate this one right off the jar after shaking it! 

one thing i loved about Healthy Monsters is their innovative packaging! it's meant to be salad on-the-go so you can enjoy it anywhere! i had fun shaking this jar off, it's a good exercise specially if the cheese is kindof stuck at the bottom hahaha >XD 

it's my first time to try strawberry vinaigrette and mehn, ANG SARAP PALA NYA?! i was all OMG OMG NOMNOMNOM with this. i knew i couldn't afford to replicate this one cos walnuts and almonds are mahal but the strawberry vinaigrette is a new favorite for me! i think i saw some Dizon Farms branded strawberry vinaigrette at the supermarket hihihi will try if it fares well! 

4. Asian Salad
asian dressing, carrots, cabbage, corn, romaine lettuce

another healthy jar. ewan ko ba, whenever i eat greens i feel happy and healthy HAHAHA

again, the dressing is superb! you know how they say not to fool yourself with salads because the dressings are packed with murderous amounts of mayo and all the MSG in the world? the typical asian dressing is all that. but this one is different, it's very light, sweet and isn't guilt tripping at all! 

5. Skinny Caesar Salad
skinny caesar dressing, sunflower seeds, croutons, grapes, tomatoes, cheese, romaine lettuce

i was in a hurry to eat this cos i was so hungry na but i still took a quick snap for this blog haha i was at the office din kasi so mej weird if karirin ko pa ang pag picture nito haha. 

THIS IS MY 2ND FAVORITE! you can opt to have honey mustard dressing or the skinny caesar dressing (which is like sesame seed dressing), and i had 2 skinny caesar jars so they gave me both types of dressings for variety. yehey and thanks! >XD

i enjoyed this jar a lot because it's a different take on the normal caesar salads served elsewhere. i thought all salads are named after the dressing and everything under is all the same (salad staples will always be lettuce and tomatoes! haha). when i chowed on this one, it never tasted like the usual caesar salad because the dressing is different! pero grabe ang sarap pa din! >XD

aaaand that's it! 

if you want to start eating clean and healthy but doesn't have the money (yet) to indulge in a juice detox (like i do!), i highly recommend you start taking salad meals at least once or twice a day cos it's relatively cheaper!

but if you don't want all the hassle of picking the right greens and all, washing them and chopping them, and if you're unsure about the healthfulness of the salad dressings available commercially... IN SHORT (andami kong sinabi), if you don't want to prepare your salads yourself... then try out Healthy Monsters!

Healthy Monsters
Contact no: 0918-985-6323
Pricing: Php 190.00/jar

disclaimer: not a paid post

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