so much win!

super thank you Nuffnang Philippines for these awesome prizes!!!!

1) this afternoon i got an email saying i was one of the winners of  this blogger contest sponsored by Sky Cable! woohoo! i just won a month's worth of subscription from Sky Cable... with ALL channels! oh yeah! >XD exciting, in fairness! it has been decades since we experienced cabled TV and quite honestly i wasn't expecting the prize (#chos). i was expecting another prize though! i wanted the Sky Cable gift pack cos well, i'm imagining it's a loot bag of corporate giveaways like notebooks and pens and a tumbler and stufffff and sorina, i love freebies! haha

anywaaaaay... here's the complete list of winners! congratulations to everyone!!! we deserve it! yiii. haha

btw here's my contest entry in case you're interested lang naman no haha: Watch Be Careful with My Heart #TheWayYouWantIt

Thank you so much Sky Cable! >XD

2) also this week, won 2 tickets to a blocked screening of X-Men Days of Future Past tomorrow at Shangri-la Plaza!

looking forward to more contest winnings! i can feel it, sunod sunod na to. haha crossing my fingers on Maleficent next week! haha

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