20 Ways You Can Be The Best friend ever with GoUnli20 This Summer

Summer time means high time for good friends to go out, catch up and enjoy the season! And what better way to keep in touch with your beshies than subscribing to Globe's GoUnli 20 promo! Be sure to always be up to date with your best friends by calling them every day! Whether it's for a gimmick, your daily chatter, or for more intense kwentuhans, Globe has got you covered. For only 20 pesos a day, you get unlimited calls to Globe/TM, 20 texts to all networks, and 15mb all day surf!

Find out more ways to enjoy the summer with your friends using Globe's GoUnli20 promo by reading ahead! I've listed 20 equally exciting activities and tips you could do with your beshies to enjoy the day and enjoy the promo!

Top 20 ways you can be the best friend ever!

20. Watch a movie! This year has an intense lineup of upcoming films you shouldn't miss and one of them is the most anticipated Maleficent! Go ahead and call your beshies! Showing this May 28, open your minds and discover the real story behind one of the most iconic fairytale villains ever! >XD

19. Join Wanderland, and enjoy the rest of the day in a festivity of arts and music!

18. Speaking of music, spend a chill day at home listening to your favorite music. There's Spotify for that! And look, Globe even gives it to you for free!

17. Do some crafts! I mean i'm just suggesting you know haha I've been following this awesome artist Alessa Lanot and she's a really kickass crafts person (?), she regularly holds workshops and you can check them out in her website!

16. Go to the mall and chill! Anything to keep you from toasting in your probably sauna-fied house right now. haha

15. Have some quality pampering time! Mani, pedi, footspa, facial, and foot massage. Aaaaahh heaven. Cool deals are always up at CashCashPinoy, MetroDeal, and EnsogoPh baka you want to check. hehe

14. TV series marathon! In case you haven't seen Breaking Bad, I highly recommend you do so. Other awesome series I would suggest watching over the summer: Once Upon a Time, Big Bang Theory, and 2 Broke Girls! >XD

13. Go ice skating! SM Megamall has just opened a new skating rink in their new building and it looks ozom. >8D 

12. Selfie-galore! Make sure every bonding moment with your besh is documented by a selfie! 

11. SNS boast! Show the world (well, your social networking sites hehe) how you and your best friend is enjoying the summer by posting those selfies! 


On a more serious note, nothing listed above could probably make you the best friend ever if you never showed your friends how much you love them even without all those expensive days out! So for the remaining items, let's get mushy hihi <3

9. Always ask them how they're doing and what's up and new with their lives. You'll never know where your conversation will take you!

8. Get to know their families!  that escalated quickly ba? haha Pero honestly, it's one thing to have their parents approve of you as a friend! At least you won't have a hard time inviting your beshies over for a sleepover cos their parents know you at least! haha

7. Support them in their dreams! Even it means you'll be away from each other for the most part. What's important is that you keep in touch! hehe #clingyMuch

6. Be there during the hard times: breakups, family issues, or whatever. Let your friend know that whatever it is they're going through, you're just a call away! 

5. Be there during the good times as well! Of course! haha

4. Always have them in your prayers. Ask God to shower them with blessings and guide them in every decision they make! 

3. Listen. Show your friends that you are sincerely concerned with their affairs (esp the serious ones) by listening intently and sympathizing with them. :)

2. Be yourself! enough said! >XD

and lastly, always remember that

1. A real friend calls. When you feel that your friend is in need of someone to talk to, you have to see it to it that you're there for support. And that's when it's very important to have a reliable and affordable communication channel. 

With Globe's GoUnli20, you can become the best friend ever by always being there to talk to!

“With GoUnli20, it’s now easy to call without a need for a prefix and it’s just P20 for unli calls, 15mb of mobile surfing, and 20 texts to all networks! Kaya if you need a friend, don’t call me, I’ll call you!”


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