X-MEN: Days of Future Past

In a nutshell, here's what this installment is about (as per my google searches hehe): Wolverine travels back in time to change the past in order to save the future. Yung totoo, I'm no fan of X-Men, but of time travel? YES! HAHAHA
That's one theme I saw in this movie that got me interested. I want to know if there's something unique with their use of time travel here HAHA i'm still kindof unconvinced with the usual implications of time travel, right now i'm leaning more on this theory i mentioned here! haha
anywaaay, i'm not about to argue on the technicalities of time travel, instead i'm here to answer this query: 

What would you correct from your past to save the future?

but before that, let's watch the trailer first hahaha


it's not the first time i was faced with a similar question, and my answer has always been the same. if i were to change something from my past, it would be my course in college! and i see that this is a very very common answer! i believe there's a large chunk of our youth suffering from course mismatch, simply because they weren't evaluated and guided well enough to determine which course they would best fit into. most of the youth today are just following job opening trends without realizing they're trading so much of their lives for it!

okay, that's one thing. i'll change my course. i'll study multimedia arts or visual arts and be a kickass artist someday!

another thing is, in line with my growing (naks) concern about course mismatch, i want to take advantage of the K-12 system to incorporate a course in the basic education curriculum solely focused on helping the students decide what course they want to take in college. by that (past) time, the K-12 bill is probably still being lobbied and undergoing amendments, so it's a great way to reach out and address that concern there.

in that aforementioned course which i would call Comprehensive College Aptitude Program or CCAP (read as SIKAP ohaaa HAHAHA), teachers will devote themselves into instilling how important it is to mindfully select a course in college, and to evaluating the student's aptitude in a variety of things. more so, it will be done with the parents' cooperation as well para they know how to support their children. that's the basic idea, by the end of the course the students must have a clear and reasonable course in mind. through this, i'm envisioning more passionate college students who didn't just mindlessly select a course to take in college. lugi tayo lahat dun e promise.

having students who are naturally interested and inherently adept with their courses will contribute a lot to the formation of a better youth!

i thank you, bow.

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