teaching at kids church: whatever it takes!

it's my official first day as a teacher! yeheyyy! after 3 sundays of observing, my co-newbie, terai, and i got to host this morning's service and what can i say, it was soooo fun! the night before i was really nervous like sana hindi matuloy haha, it was my first time to host in an audience full of kids and i didn't know what to expect haha. but then, keri lang! enjoy rin pala! i mean, the kids can be extremely magulo and makulit but i enjoyed it. they were all responsive. hahaha. it was exhausting but it was really fun.

i decided i'd serve at the primary level, that's 7-10 years old, because, uhm, i really don't know. haha. you know, i almost wanted to quit, not because i didn't like the job but because i get these regular bouts of laziness every time my phone chimes at 7:30am. i always think, man i haven't had enough sleeeeeep! but in spite of those, terai and i still get up, and rush to church, almost unwillingly. then the teachers converge, we pray, and i get excited again, realizing that these horrible lazy bouts are but attacks of the devil to a keep a teacher from teaching children about Jesus. naks. haha

every time i enter the kids church and get into prayer with the co-teachers, i feel like my faith is being reinforced. there's a sense of responsibility settling in. sabi nga ni kuya jaylord, there was a study which states that a person's acceptance rate of Jesus Christ is at peak (80-85%) when they're in the ages 4-14. this made me realize how critical it is to send the children to kids church or sunday school in their formative years, so that they get to know about Jesus at an early age. these kids are our future after all and we'll never know how they'll grow up to be! >XD

anyway... i asked my mom if she chose to be a Christian and wasn't just brought up as one (like i am), and she said yes, she chose to be one. i asked her what her choices were then, and she said it wasn't a choice between religions, but a choice between being a Christian or a non-Christian. and between the two, she chose the former because it has led her to a good life, a good set of beliefs, it brings out the best in her, and she's content with her faith. and while it's true that other faiths may produce the same good willed, and blessed person that she could be, she dare not explore on the possibility because she's happy where she is.

after being posed with the same question months back, i thought, yeah maybe i never really had a choice, i was just blessed to be brought up like this. but realizing what my mom had said, i believe i don't need to compare all religions to gauge which one's telling the most bearable truth. and, i did have a choice too. i could be a non-christian for all i care and still live happily ever after. but then, i can't imagine myself without God. so i made this choice.

as to ascertaining the rightness of the choices we made, the extent to which we believe that what we believe in is true, i have no concrete ground. but i guess as long as i live without regrets, i wouldn't have to worry about the choice i made. i'll leave it all to faith.

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