oh dear... we go again

so. i'm still in the office. on a friday. when i should be home welcoming my mom who just came back from canada. that and eating chocolates and dog food (pending hyperlink: will post about this real soooon haha). those and also catching up on pending blog entries... like this dog food i'm talking about, the faulty fault in our stars, a saturdate at TGIF, this check i received for taking online surveys (weeee!!), and much much more.

i have really really big working problems. last night before going to sleep, terai and i kinda narrowed down my employment problems. i have a job, thankfully, but i figured i won't be able to hold on to it (happily) for so long. AGAIN?!!

my problem is i tend to procrastinate. a lot. like now. and i work so slow. i'm not even sure if i really work slow or that i'm just putting off on so many things that i can't seem to accomplish any. i don't know. and it hurts. hahaha. it crushes my ego to bits. yaaak. hahaha i'm already so hiyang hiya to our team lead cos this freaking task i'm doing keeps on getting delayed and delayed. i can't seem to deliver anything notable every time we conduct project builds. and it freaking stresses me out. i am the weakest link. goodbye.

what. i feel so bobo! and everyone around me is like so good and super smart and fast. i have no one to share the frustrations with, cos apparently i'm alone in this bout of constantly undermining my skills. haha. huhu.

i should go home. i'm totally wasting the company's energy with my nonsensical rants.


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