A Big Dinner @ Ristorante Bigoli

before watching The Fault in Our Stars, terai and i decided to have dinner at Ristorante Bigoli (Trinoma) which is conveniently located beside cinema 7 (where we're gonna watch). the cinema tickets come with free bigoli coupons, so yehey for that! haha

when Ristorante Bigoli opened at SM Fairview, we thought it was just yet another posh and expensive italian restaurant, but when they hung this 120 pesos promo which includes a slice of pizza, chicken, and rice, we were like ooooh really, why not?! so we tried it, loved it, and included it in our list of favorite family restaurants! >:D sadly, the SM Fairview branch didn't last long despite its very affordable price, awesome herb oozing italian chicken, yummy pizza, and free unlimited garlic bread sticks. but that didn't stop us from loving the resto! haha

Ristorante Bigoli is our favorite italian restaurant because it's very affordable, the place is very posh, and they have no service charge! it's a (semi) self-service restaurant, after all. yes it is! you have to order at the counter and get your own food, unless you have to wait in which case you'll be given a number then wait at your seat for your food to be delivered.

anyway, spending range is 250 to 300 per person, and that's already for a really big and fulfilling meal. here's what terai and i ordered. :D

Romano's Solo Plate Stromboli
Php 235
spaghetti bolognese, italian chicken, stromboli, minestrone soup, and refillable drink

the minestrone soup was yummy, like tomato sauce soup hehe but the macaroni is so overly saggy already like it was heated too long

this entire plate reeks so much of herbs! particularly thyme and rosemary and it smells so good! their italian chicken is very notable too! i believe it's one of their major selling points, i haven't tasted anything like it!

Romano's Solo Plate PizzaPhp 235
spaghetti bolognese, italian chicken, formaggi pizza, caesar salad, and refillable drink

our meals come with unlimited drinks too which you can refill at their drinks station!

and because we spent a minimum of 400 for this, we got to get a free pizza and pasta meal courtesy of the coupons on our cinema tickets! yey! >XD

theeere you go! if you like italian food that tastes awesome and is reasonably priced, try out Ristorante Bigoli, you won't regret it!

Ristorante Bigoli has branches at Trinoma, SM North EDSA Annex, and Eastwood

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