Happy Father's Day @ Mr. Kimbob!

this is the first time we're celebrating father's day without mommy cos she's still in Canada, and i must admit, it's different. a sad kind of different. we all miss mommy :(

anyway, we ate out at Mr. Kimbob, because we all miss eating there, plus it's cheap! we just had to be patient looking for a good seat at the foodcourt cos it's peak lunch and it's father's day, so there hehe

we had the usual bibimbap sizzling plate which only costs 99pesos!

if you're not familiar with bibimbap, it's korean food made up of rice, egg, an assortment of steamed vegetables, kimchi, ground beef (chicken, or pork), and a special hot sauce they call gochujang (the ketchup like sauce drizzled on my plate below). you can buy the sauce at the supermarket, and that's about the hardest to find ingredient in this dish, in case you wanna DIY!

underneath the egg is my cup of rice, and around it are steamed togue, carrots, sayote, etc. i wasn't able to realize some cos i already mixed it haha then kimchi, and ground beef.

eating bibimbap the korean way means mixing them all together to create something highly not photogenic like this:

could be unappetizing for some, but definitely not for us! >8D

i always see this dish at korean dramas, usually when leading girls starts stress eating haha, in the series, they usually just get whatever canned stuff they have on the fridge, rice, and gochujang sauce.

see, this is from Kim Sam Soon...

and this is from Full House... 

anywaaay... haha

when i first saw Mr. Kimbob at one SM Foodcourt, i was instantly curious, and when i tried it out, i was hooked! i remember having a bibimbap phase where i just eat bibimbap everyday for dinner, and only stopped when acid reflux started threatening my health. the beef is sweet, and i didn't mind the spiciness at all (note: i hate spicy food). pluuuus, it looked healthy! HAHA what with all that vegetables? come on. who am i kidding? 

anyway, it may look healthy, even the logo says Korean Health Food, but i doubt that small assortment of veggies can counter the oily ground beef and the rice! so no, i don't think it's healthy at all. may be healthier than your regular foodcourt choices but not vegan healthy if you ask me. haha

Mr. Kimbob can be found in most SM Food Courts.

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