Coco Fresh Tea and Juice: 3 Buddies Milk Tea

There's this new milk tea place that opened just recently at SM Fairview and Terai and I decided to give it a try because... ewan haha, we like to try a lot of foods talaga, and this one caught our interest because it looked successful (as per the posters hehe) so their selections must be great! from the posters inside, we learned that it's a Taiwan based milk tea company which has branched out world wide, celebrating with more than a thousand outlets already! and the one at SM Fairview is their 1,960th branch lang naman haha. wow.

being that it's our first time, it's imperative that we try their bestseller so we ordered a regular 3 Buddies Milk Tea. It has 3 toppings (which ironically sits under the cup, as with everywhere else haha): grass jelly, pudding, and pearl, all swimming in the customary black tea... with milk. hehe

the grass jelly reminded us of the taste of seaweed or nori, the but the kind that is very very mild and not salty at all. it's a good contrast to the pudding which is only mildly sweet and is like a tamed leche flan, and the pearl which is the usual sweet and chewy sago. the 3 Buddies Milk tea is definitely a good mix, and it's only 90 pesos! they also have a 2 Ladies version naman which has pudding and pearl only as toppings, betcha it's as yummy!

it was awesome. bow. it's now my new favorite milk tea place, next to Cobo! actually, i find it unusual that the two stores are just a letter away. are they arch rivals or something? haha

there's not much room to sit around as their seats can accommodate around 10 people only but the place is cool and very summery. hehe

here's the menu on their LED screen, odiba mura lang? if you can afford Gong Cha, kering keri lang to.

that's it for my first visit, will definitely go back to try out more of their selections! if you have walked past this tea shop and haven't gotten around to trying it, i tell you, TRY IT OUT. their 3 Buddies Milk Tea is super haveyyy.

Coco Tea is located at SM Fairview UGF, Annex 1

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