upperclass idiots

maybe when i get my uniform, i'll stop being mean.

i'm getting super interested with C programming, even though we haven't started doing the real thing yet (and i might suck at it too). the only thing i hate is that i can only borrow books from the library during the afternoon...and most of the time i get dismissed before lunch! argh. -__-;

by the way, i've already freezed my account. but it will take effect this july, so i still have the whole june to maximize the gym. then, i'll be back on october then transfer the membership to my mom the following month. that's because they require at least 1 month active membership before you can transfer your account. :)

after the short trip to SMF, my sister and i headed to trinoma for the green light sale. we went, despite the rain, to window shop and just see how an ayala mall sale feels like. i tried a couple of shirts, a lot of shoes (black office shoes excites me now) and ate a lot too. in fact, i felt super guilty after eating a chicken fillet meal, coke float and fries from mcdo, 8 pcs cali maki from tokyo2x and a 12oz strawberry banana blizzard from DQ. shet talaga.

kaya naman...kaka-biofit ko lang. hurrah.

more about the sale, it felt super humid after the rain, but when i got inside the mall i felt worse! there were a lot of people and they all walk at snail's pace, plus the temperature is getting meaner. blah. we just ate, diba.

oh, about school. awhile ago was very funny. i dunno, even if i want to say a lot of cruel things i have to contain it because it's baaaad diba? pero wth! i bet my life that the area of a square is s^2!!!! and people are shouting s^4?!?!?! that's too stupid. the people are soooooo *&^%$@#!!!!!


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