training day #2

yesterday was PCTC, today was SAMS (sales analysis and management systems??? or sales and management systems? dammt i suck)

i really love the trainors at cubao. they're all good looking and they're all effective speakers. we had a new trainor this morning but right this afternoon we resumed to our previous trainor. yes, the one i'm crushing on. lol

yesterday i was excited about the whole insurance concept, how it's not just about death benefits but also about savings, protection, investment and blaaaah. but upon being oriented with a single product...specifically the A&H or the Accident and Health product, i instantly got a headache. damnit, i get the drill! i just hate the figures.

and it's funny how the details were told (narrated and role-played as well by our dear trainor ♥). you get a hand dismembered and you get 50% of the principal value, you accidentally got both of your hands chopped off and you get 100% of the PV. a single ear earns you 50% of your PV. both ears equals 100%. same goes for the feet and eyes. so imagine if that program existed some centuries ago, Van Gogh could have had his lost ear covered. stuff like that. i was mentally laughing why it has to be so exagerrated but then i realized that the name of the product has a term 'Accident'.

btw, because of this whole day training for a week, i am left with no choice but to eat fastfood during lunch! dammit. i'll probably be gaining a lot of weight after this week.


ok. i just stalked him at friendster! found his account. including his wife LOL

super sry. you know how i am with new found crushes. hehe

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