for the 3rd time now! :D
someone from wanted to translate my fic into french! :) i want to be proud but lol i'm not really comfortable with my writing style. maybe they liked the story. but hey, i had that beta-ed! XD nyehehehe
if i remember correctly, this is the second time someone wanted to translate my fic in french. heh, but i haven't heard from the first one since way back. lol, the other was russian. but idk, really. i don't keep tabs on my fic translators. who knows.
ehem ehem.
classes for me starts at the 25th! omg. way too early.
but heeeeey,
this is how glorious my schedule is:
- i only have 3 subjects, 10 units (the rest are credited from my previous school)
- i have no classes on MONDAY! so like my previous school
- all my classes are half-day (hurray to free time!)
and so, because i have a lot of free time... i shall
- continue going to the gym
- learn how to drive
- look for a part-time job

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