so that's how it is!

bitin ako sa binili kong siopao. >___>; on the way to the henlin store, my mind is making a mental struggle whether to buy a siopao for 28 or a big shawarma for 45, apparently the siopao won. i thought it would weigh the same in my stomach but no. haha. anyway, i'll just got to satiate myself with buttered corn later.

i just came from my pm class awhile ago. well, i might say i'm kinda lagging behind already. gotta concentrate better! but the techniques are still unbelievably effective.

i'm currently reading whitney my love. why, i am so enthralled by romance novels i thought i could also make my own. but then, mine would be so boring because i have no idea what to write. besides i've just come to realize that i don't know men... AT ALL.

being the only girl in our class, i kinda have to settle being the shy type. well, naturally, i am... specially around people whom i know are way senior to me. so i just have to endure their chatting, which aren't at all boring, in fact i'm thinking our coach is an actual geek, he knows a lot. man, and jay, my classmate is just as enthusiastic about the infos they share almost every meeting. yeah, their close. and it's so fun because i get to learn a lot.

and you know, with their talking i get to sneak on how 'guy' talks come about. i learned that just like in the teen movies where men converge to talk about which girl flipped and flopped their senses, they're pretty much the same.

so to spare my girlishness, i thought they actually had to scale down their chatter. i never thought amanda bynes looked hot to men, actually it's the first time i heard she did bring a sizzle to their uhh, what...minds? idunno. i always thought of her as annoying... but cute...i have to credit her for putting up a good show at 'she's the man'...but hot?

just how do you judge someone's hotness?
men, really. i also gathered in a could-be-hasty generalization that most guys prefer agressive girls. i could just laugh at the way jay agrees to it (with paris,britney and lindsay -the flirtatiously deranged trio). hahaha, and coach is much of a spectacle too when he mimics action stunts and growls. lol.

it's a fun pack, i tell you.
i'm grateful i didn't waste my summer bumming over zuma and ravenhearst manor. which i'm partially doing. haha

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