TAG you're IT

TAG is probably the coolest MLM company i've ever encountered.
MLM stands for multi-level marketing, in other terms, networking. LOL ok, i did kinda get tricked again, but i knew it was coming. i knew first hand i was coming to yet another networking orientation that guarantees income. but i was curious, and i was planning to go to the mall after so i didn't mind. hehehe

then i found out about the privileges and it was fucking exciting! well, you can check out their website, http://www.mytagasia.com for more info. anyway, the privileges include access to many different bars across metro manila (or wherever you are) for FREE. yes meeehn, that includes encore, guilly's, manor, dolce... and many many more. it also offers discounts to hundreds of establishments aaaaall over! it's a lifestyle privilege membership i wouldn't wanna miss, even though i'm not a gimikera and i'm not a fan of night life. what got me really excited was their so called BOB or Birthday Open Bar, wherein you can celebrate your birthday for FREE and invite 15 people for FREE, at a BAR OF YOUR CHOICE. whew. that's a freakin hot offer, really. >8D hahaha but there's a 8,990 pesos membership fee. roight. there's the glitch.

if i had the money right now, i'd probably join. i want to join but for a student like me, it's impractical. maybe when i'm already working. hehehe but i really want iiiiit!!!! >:D >:D

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