LOL we only got 87 from the panelist during our project defense awhile ago. i wasn't expecting anything high, but it's depressing nonetheless. i had to talk to my prof for any chances of increasing my final grade to 90 or above, and he told me to talk to him about it next week. >:| fucking worried.

anyway, it's almost 2am. i'm not sleeping because i have to finish a research proposal for english tomorrow. it's a biggie, my friends... but i'm enjoying doing it, because i'm interested! RH Bill ftw! >:D

btw, i'm applying for a summer job this tuesday. sana matanggap, like hell i need the cash. i might actually drop out of the scholarship. Lord, waaaaaag naman sanaaaaa  >:(((((((((((((

kkk, back to english. >:D

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