i stayed true to my word. i didn't sleep unless i was able to accomplish at least 50%. and i did, i'm confident to say we're 50% with our project (and i still have to do the remaining 50% in, lemme check, 6 hours). i know i have no right to say i'm confident with that fucking 50% because tomorrow is already the defense.... but still! it's one thing to learn such a troublesome, boring, unfair topic all by myself... err, also with the help of the ever supportive google. so tonight, i'm going to make yet another silly sticky-note cos i think it's working. lol

## DO NOT SLEEP until you have finished what you think is your 100% for this project. meaning: add/edit/delete student records and subject offerings.

really, it's the best i can do. given the timeframe (right. i'm sorry i procastinated so much on this one), that's the furthest and most relevant progress i can chart for tonight.

and i feel a bit proud because i now understand how adodc and the whole datagrid junk work.

so, what i want to do is to cover up the lack of functionality of our project with.... the user interface. hahaha

i think i've found a new crush. goodbye JM na ba ito? bwahahaha welcome, more heartaches!

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