last last night i dreamt that i was part of a santa cruzan and my escort was my gradeschool classmate. e wala lang, naalala ko lang cos i woke up laughing so hard at that dream kasi.. bat nga ba... ah kasi when were walking na, he held my hand and it felt awkward so i just hooked my arm on his and we started walking blah blah blah, then we noticed the people we're following were gone na, so we ran, and we were laughing along the way. the place reminded me of BF homes and... o yun lang naman. i wonder why i dream of people i hardly care about right now. luis is a cool guy, we used to hang out at the library and read encyclopedias. LOL i also think he's in the states now. hehehe

btw, i dreamt of JM bwahahaha. i don't remember the dream all i remember is him wearing an orange shirt and making funny faces. my bestfriend was also there. hey, that's the first time i dreamt of JM hohoho bongga. >:)

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