May 18, 2012

was one of the busiest, most exhausting, and productive days of my life. haha

// early morning i rushed to ready myself for the VUL exam at insurance commission at UN ave (komisyon ng seguro hahaha) because daddy says i have to get the license already before the end of the month. the VUL exam is a qualifying exam for people who want be licensed fund managers and sell investment policies. i was afraid i'd fail cos the mock exam was so 'wtf i didn't finish computer science for this, this is more like for financial management majors?'. anyway. i was required by my "manager" aka daddy so i had to pass it no matter what happens. thank you Lord because i passed. i can now sell investment units! anyone interested? >:)

// after the exam, went straight to makati to have my medical examination at PLDT - MGO bldg. went pretty late for the morning cutoff so we waited until 1pm. can i just say that i underwent hydrotherapy to prepare for this? i mean, i ate lots of snyders jalapeno so i could drink lots of water so my urine sample won't be too uhm, concentrated. the whole unfit for employment because of too much uric acid, cavity and damaged red blood cells scares me so. hahaha and while waiting for my turn, i was becoming too anxious kasi sobrang naiihi na ko!!! but i wouldn't  wanna waste my possibly less concentrated urine sample because my water bottle is already empty hahaha.

the rectal exam was really awkward. i dunno what the doctor pushed into my anus i think it was her finger or something. sooo freaking awkward, and that was the time i was trying to hold my super pee. grabe. sobrang parang nakakawala ng dangal. chos! ang arte arte talaga. tapos eto pa, HAHAHAHA sa sobrang paranoid ko na magkaroon ng "unfit for employment" remark, kinareer ko pati yung vision test. while waiting at the back i was already reading the eye sight test for visual accuracy. ewan ko ba. ayoko magsalamin eh. lol nakakahilo tuloy hahaha

blah blah blah, fortunately the dentist didn't find anything wrong with my teeth! i thought he was gonna comment on my cavities HAHAHA yun lang, fingers crossed on the blood test. grabe no? paranoid sa medical exam?!

the xray machine isn't functioning so i was told to go back on monday (tomorrow) haaayyy

// after the medical exam, went back to smart tower to get my pre-employment kit. it was supposed to be a mtg with a certain person at 4pm. i was there at 3, waited until 5 before i went to check if the person i'm meeting is already available... know what they said? ABSENT PALA. wtf. like what the hell is the receptionist doing with our names at the log sheet? stare at it? isn't she supposed to call the person we're meeting and tell her we're waiting? grabe lang. nakakainis. ayokong maginarte kasi hamak na aplikante lang ako pero, systema naman dyan! >:|

// in the end, we were accomodated at 6pm grabe grabe i have a meeting at 6 pa naman. good thing there was a fellow applicant who waited long hours like me, new friend alert! jeanne! yeyy. hehe we were able to get our pre-emp kit, which includes lots of forms to be filled up and a list of requirements to submit. NBI, Philhealth Metrobank, etc etc etc whew!

// after makati. gotta rush to mcdo ever for a mtg with the yearbook committee! whew buti we were able to finish the paging because it's important that we should settle the payment within this week! hehe >XD thank you Lord, thank you Lord! i arrived home at around 11pm na. haayy

// superthanks to ever loving body guard jeckidoo for being with me the entiiiiiire day since 6am! i superduperloooove you! roooolls obarrrr! nyarrgkkkughhharjk!!!! >XD yeyyy u flaaat! <3 <3 <3

// gotta love this day!


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