another tiring daaaayy

Thursday, May 24
// i did say i was supposed to get my NBI clearance then go to makati and blah. and i did! i woke up soooo early that day, like 4am! haha i arrived at ever around 5 and i'm already the 25th in the line. it was a freaking looong wait. from 5am till 8am i waited, along with a lot of hopefuls, for the opening of the office. the process was pretty quick if you don't include the long queue per station... but the line was just really horrible. NBI only accommodates 500 people per day and i couldn't image how unfortunate it will be if you're the 500th person. yer gonna have to wait inside that cave-like and burned up cinema pretty much the entire day! whew >XO i finished around 9:30 so that's a total of 4hours 30mins for someone who lined up 5am and was the 25th head count. >:D

// ate breakfast after while waiting for jeckie hehe >XD and theeen, we went to makati together! yeyyy!!! lunch lunch, then walked to the clinic to check my results, then walked to smart tower to deliver my NBI clearance blah blah blah the long walks were so freaking exhausting. we even walked to the atrium to check if my RDO has already been transferred. and to my dismay, it's still not there. haaay sayang lakad! it was super duper draining! grabe grabe grabe sobrang nakakapagod! >XO but i thank God jeckie's with me, it made the torture worthwhile hihi >X3

Friday, May 25
// someone bought my laptop bag from ebay and has paid already so i had to ship the item that same day. it's a 16" lenovo laptop bag by dicota. i thought shipping would be cheap, after all it's not even a kilo but when i came to 2GO they said they have to put it in a box (which costs 700 something! even more than the selling price of the thing! what the fridge) cos it won't fit in the largest pouch they have (which costs 190 freaking pesos, and i thought 2GO was cheap!) unless i fold it but i can't freakin fold it cos it might be damaged >X(

// i left 2GO feeling heavily disappointed and worried that the money the buyer paid will just all go to shipping. huhu why didn't i think that larger objects require bigger cases and bigger cases are more expensive? it's the biggest item i've shipped so far. i just usually send books off. huhu so i tried to research for other couriers nearby and i found AIR21 on the net (many thanks to my membership at fitness first, it has catered to a lot of emergency situations), it has a branch on fairview which (after a long while) i figured was just at FCM (and i travelled all the way to SM hayyy), and it also has a branch at SMF according to the site. though i didn't trust it cos i don't see any AIR21 at SMF, i thought it might be unupdated. hehe

// anyway, i listed the numbers down and (many thanks again to fitness first) called them on landline. some numbers were busy. luckily the one at FCM answered and asked me to call another number. badtrip yun eh and sungit ng boses! lechugas grrrr blah blah blah. in the end i gave up all hopes of contacting AIR21 FCM and just headed back home.

// but before that, i wanted to make sure if there was really an AIR21 at SMF so i asked the information lady and wew, there really was one! it's located at the far end of the main building, lower ground floor. dulong dulo talaga and it shares a stall with FEDEX. grabe thank you Lord! and when i came there, they suggested the same thing, to fold the bag so it would fit their pouch (which only costs 101 pesos yeyy). buti na lang, the guy there was very accommodating, he helped me fold the bag where it won't be damaged so it fit perfectly! yeheyyy

// oyan ang haba ng kwento ko nagpa-ship lang naman ako! hahaha

// it was around 5 when i headed home. i was supposed to go to school to fetch edlaine and charissa and pass their endorsement letter but it was too late so i just asked them to go ahead. hehe

// tentenenen! ICON TURNOVER! the whole gang (sans 3) came to the house for some sort of meeting and turnover of course. it's the part where i advise them on what to do with ICON and blah. it was crazy fun. i believe in these kids, i truly do and the way i see their bond (yak ang drama e no), i know they're gonna turn ICON into a better ICON. >:D yeyy go goys! >:D

// skip skip!

Today, May 29
// went to the atrium earlier to have my BIR FORM 2305 stamped. and wtfudge the BIR guy won't sign my paper because it's the wrong form! so i had to get another form, fill it and have my employer sign it so i could complete my requirements. hay. so from atrium, i walked aaaaaall the freaking way to smart tower to explain that the BIR guy said i got the wrong form. but HR insists that's it's the right form so whatever! i just had her sign the new form irregardless if it was the right one cos i don't wanna walk in vain yaknow. and so, i went back again to atrium to confirm about the freaking forms. BIR guy explained it naman to me, that the previous TIN i registered was not for local employment rather for self-employed so i had to fill another form so they'd tag my TIN with "for local employment". i believed the guy naman, HR didn't know i was self-employed in my previous job anyway. hehe so he stamped my forms yehesss huhu

// and you know what's next, i walked the mile to smart tower again. my feet were so freaking sore already i swear. there was a time i was looking for somewhere to sit but the couches at greenbelt were full so i just went to the CR and locked myself in a cubicle and frakking sat down for like 10 seconds hehe before i embark on yet another journey. haayyy grabe and when i came there, i had to wait for some stupid 30 minutes but after that it was okay na! haaaay super duper kaduper rewarding! i mean that's like, atrium to smart then atrium to smart again and when i boarded the bus, there were no more seats. typical monday rush hour so i forgave the circumstance. i just wanted to go home. in peace. haha

// thank you Lord. will be going to school early tomorrow to pay for the yearbook downpayment with REX, then contract signing with Smart at 2pm.

// hay Lord, give me strength. >XD i'll be starting on June 1! >XD

// and no, i don't wanna learn that there's an easier way from atrium to smart tower and vice versa without having to cross the bridge way that crosses glorieta, landmark and greenbelt. no. don't tell me. >:|

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