sometimes i don't get myself

or girls for that matter...

// signed 2 contracts today! the first one was for REX, it's for the yearbook. the committee just signed for 120 copies so yeah. i really hope this pushes through. just a few more numbers to reach. hay Lord, help.

// the other contract was for smart. yey finally i'm an official employee of smart! will start this friday! the entire week is pretty much orientation and blah then june 11 is the deployment date. Lord help me. >:D

// i don't know. no matter how much i try to convince myself that it's gone, i don't think it'll ever be. my insecurities are deeply rooted i doubt anyone could ever pull them out without scathing me. plus the fact that i'm probably subconsciously holding on to it. who cares.

// bought a few clothes and (finally) a pair of walking shoes! i'm super pleased with my new shoes! found em at trinoma, so freakin comfortable to wear! but of course, hush puppies are still the best in terms of comfort. how i wish i could afford those. >:'(

// irok2 sucks big time. won't let me create a username, says melodia04 is taken, suggests melodia04111 but it's already freaking taken. i mean, it's probably a bug. ariannegracecredobirog is taken daw. really now.

// i want a full body massage. my entire body is exhausted. >:'( and i'm like soundtrippin on audrey assad's restless during my makati escapades hahahaha. big help? when i hear it i just want to kneel and let God carry me to a sofa. then again, not enough faith... or craziness.

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