a pause from counting sheep

God loves me! >XD

// cum laude! yey i'm graduating with honors this year! >XD i guess my computations were right, they included my uplb grades that's why i was only able to hit 4th. i swearrrrr i have a magna worth of GPA if not for my elbi grades. onasigenafoine. seriously! i want that valedictory speech, i've been dreaming of it since i hit #1 the first time. HAHA bat ba? i thought i could use it to reach out to the parents/guardians of the 190+ graduates and convince them that nothing could ever bind this batch better than a YEARBOOK. hahaha unfortunately, it's not my time to shine. aw k. nevermind.

// have i told you (sino? haha) about my job offer at pointwest technologies? i think i'll take it though i'm still waiting for better opportunities (i.e. calls). i'm not saying it's bad there, in fact i see it as a very strong job option because of the reasons below, however i'm in the process of exploring my "other" options hehehe

1. i will be most likely assigned at technohub which is only 30 minutes away by jeep, and 15 minutes away by Rainbow Express haha. sir HR says they're kinda crowded already at Makati so I can request to be deployed there. >XD
2. compensation is definitely not bad for entry level.
3. backreading on forums i read it's a good company who provides good training! good market value as an IT professional guaranteed. >:)
4. i won't be programming like hell! which is a good thing cos i never really liked programming. i'll be part of their sortof testing team. it's like if the software developers build the program, we on the other hand destroy it. yknow, find bugs and loopholes and blah. sounds fun really >XD

// before learning about the JO at pointwest, i walked-in at MISYS cos they have an opening for programmer trainees according to jobstreet. so there, i took their parity exam. a dreadful 500 points exam with only 5 freaking problems. more? passing score is 400. WOW. i've never been intimidated with an exam  for this long. as the HR was explaining the exam to us, i was like... whoa this company better offer a whopping salary if they're gonna torture their applicants like that.

on the exam though, it wasn't that hard. maybe the instructions were just intimidating cos they're too long. but it's manageable naman if you take time to really read it and understand the instructions. feeling ko naman i got the instructions, i just don't know if my score agrees haha.

// i got scheduled for a 2nd interview from Smart (3rd, if you count the phone interview), it was held yesterday and i totally screwed up so that's probably the last leg of my application there. i screwed mainly because of the programming test they gave, 7 problems, pick only 3 to solve, answer in JAVA. my freakin kryptonite. in the end i was only able to answer 1 problem, and i did it in flowchart cos i didn't prepare for java. i thought i was applying as Web Developer cos that's what the phone interviewer said they have an opening on. then suddenly, they ask you if you could also work in java/c so of course, you have to say yes just so you won't lose the chance to get in.

anyway. based on that 2nd interview, i got an impression that they give 20k salary. some of the benefits mentioned were... 1500 monthly load, 1500 rice subsidy, 3000 (or 5000? i forgot) clothing allowance, reimbursable taxi allowance for on-call assignments, also on-call assignments are counted as working hours.

even with all that, roles and responsibilities are a dragger when you hear about it. i guess Smart is looking for people who have maximum workload tolerance... or infinite i might say. hahaha

// goodbye Emerson for real. they never called back since the day i missed their first call. plus i forgot the name of the person who interviewed me. hehe

// my wallet, my big red wallet got stolen at Philcoa. all my valid IDs are there! including important (unliquidated) receipts!!!! >XO in that wallet are, 3 BPI atms, 1 union bank eon card, philamlife ID, philcare card, fitness first ID, NGCP trainee ID, Sm advantage card, laking national loyalty card, rustan's fresh card, lots of 1x1 pics of me and some friends huhu, my only copy of my TIN number, jeckie's 7th monthsary gift huhu.


// still no kwento about the 3-day summit. haha katamad. >X)


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