kayo ang simula ng pagbabago, kayo ang simula

wow. i don't know what to say, news about this day's election fill every local channel, and look... it's not good. there were too many complaints and most of them and really grave and beyond repair that i could only wish for this event to be SUSPENDED.

+ didn't NAPOCOR (or whoever) promise there would be no blackouts this day? guess what, there were lots.

+ i pity those who decided not to vote because they've been waiting in line for so long. i mean, yeah it's a matter of resolve but i couldn't blame them. you don't make the voters wait, you just don't. news says this happened a lot, the people decide to just leave. not a waste of vote for me, ever since this day has started... everything has gone completely haywire. fucking conspiracy?!

+ i pity the senior citizens more! accdg to news, some sc's were designated on polling precincts situated at the 3rd floor (or 4th or 5th). some of them are disabled too and cannot climb the stairs. and so, some of them just left! haaaay

+ i wonder, is there a quorum being observed right now? i mean, with the pace of the election process and the considerable amount of disenfranchised voters, plus those who left their lines? will we be able to meet the necessary number of people required to make this day valid? haha ewan.

+ the PCOS aren't as reliable either. sooo many technical glitches. haaay grabe.

nakakahiyaaa talaga. nakakalungkot. >:(

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