"based on a psychological study, a Crush only last for a minimum of 4 months and maximum of 6 months... if it exceeds, you're already in love."

yes, and i always find a new majorcrush every term. onga pero why is it that there's always one person i love?

// i'm not swimming tomorrow, WHUUUUT?!?!?! my mom doesn't want me to cos i can't soak my feet in the water. huhuhuhu

// badly wants to go to elbi this monday to meet with anne BUT is out of cash, and i'm afraid i'll strain my feet more with the travel and walking. huhuhuhu

// is excited over the thought of a TShirt business... but is out of designs, and a feasible business plan., chaka pala pera. hohoho

// aynako gusto ko na pumasok. T__T;

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