Watch Be Careful with my Heart #TheWayYouWantIt!

Being a working girl, it's always hard to keep up with my favorite TV shows. In my case, isa lang naman, and that's Be Careful with my Heart! <3

Now that BCWMH has entered its next season, with Maya and Sir Chief happily married and having a baby soon, it's hard to miss out on anything! During the first season, my eyes were glued on how the lead couple's relationship will progress, but now, I've got eyes on Nikki and Nicolo na! Hahaha bagong love team yiiie! Carlo Mortel's (Nicolo) inclusion in the hit series made it more refreshing and engaging to watch because his character is just so hilarious! >XD

Unfortunately, in the rare case that I catch the show at home, ganito pa ang eksena...

static, malabo at masakit sa mata! @_@
Sarap manood no? >XS

That's definitely not how i want to watch my favorite TV show, And i'm sure kayo din!

So what's up? The problem really isn't that my eyes can't stand the horrible reception at home. Because i love the series so much, I can forgive and bear all that! What I find most depressing though is how I cannot re-watch it in case I missed an episode.

Thankfully, there's SKY CABLE! ano raw? pano tayo napunta sa Sky Cable HAHAHA
Of course, if there's a problem, there's a solution! And believe it or else, this is just about the best solution i found!

So how does that solve my problems? 
Sky Cable has four amaaaazing features that lets you enjoy your television the way you want it! First off, my favorite feature:

Sky Cable enables you to take control of your TV viewing with iRecord

Exactly what I needed right? Having the first and only Personal Video Recorder (PVR) feature in the country, iRecord gives you the ability to pause, record and rewind live TV! That means I will never miss out an episode of my favorite series! Ngayon pa na Ms. Charo Santos (jokingly) said in an interview that the series will go on forever! >XD

Here are your options!

Pause - iRecord has a timeshift feature which lets you pause TV shows in case you need to step out for a while.

Record - obviously, you can record your favorite TV show! but more than that, you can do it while watching on a different channel (from the same channel group) pa! amazing!

Playback - bookmark, fast forward, and rewind that show the way you want it! Plus may slow motion and frame by frame effect pa. winner na winnner talaga!

That's just the first feature guys! take a deep breath as I reveal 3 more exciting features from Sky Cable!

Up next,

Sky Cable has the most number of standard definition (SD) and high definition channels!

Kung hindi ka ba naman ma-windang with 180 channels to choose from? Truly, Sky Cable offers you and your whole family a chance to enjoy all the programs in the world! Seriously! From movies, sports, kids, learning, music, general entertainment, news, lifestyle, religious and international channels, name it and they have it! What's more is that Sky Cable brags about having the most number of HD channels (that's 42 as of now!) among its competitors in the Philippines! And i'm sure it'll stay that way! >;D

Feature #3...
Sky Cable gives you the ability to add channels and packs that you like to your basic plan

This my 2nd favorite feature actually, being that it allows me to select just the channels I wanted! This is pretty similar to Smart's Flexibundles and Globe's Superplan (if you're familiar with those!) because it gives you the power to just select what you want on your TV! Sky Cable allows you to add channels and packs on top of your basic subscription plan to suit you and your family's preferences. 

Take a look at some of these select packs:

FOX Pack (P299/month):
Fox Channel HD, FOX Crime HD, FOX Family Movies HD, FOX Movies Premium HD, Nat Geo Adventure HD, Nat Geo Wild HD, National Geographic HD, Star World HD, Channel M HD

HBO Pack (both SD and HD at P350/month):
HBO Family, HBO Hits, HBO Signature Movie Pack (P550/month): CinemaWorld HD, FOX Family Movies HD, FOX Movies Premium HD, HBO HD, Sundance Channel HD

Sports Pack (P550/month): 
ASN HD, FOX Sports News (SD), FOX Sports Plus HD, NBAPremium TV HD, Outdoor Channel HD

Kids Pack (P249/month): 
Baby TV, Cartoonito, Cbeebies, Discovery Kids, Disney Jr., Jim Jam, Kids Co., Nick jr.

Korean Pack 1 (199/month):
Arirang, Channel M, CTS, KBS World, YTN

Korean Pack 2 (P900/month):
Arirang, Channel M, CTS, KBS World, MBC, YTN

HD 40 Pack (P1999/month): 
ASN HD, Balls HD, Bio HD, Cartoon Network HD, Channel M HD, CI HD, Cinema World HD, Cinemax HD, Classica HD, CNN HD, Comedy Central HD, Discovery Channel HD, E! HD, Fashion TV HD, Food Network HD, Fox Action Movies HD, Fox Channel HD, Fox Crime HD, Fox Family Movies HD, Fox Movies Premium HD, Fox Sports Plus HD, H2 HD, HBO Family HD, HBO HD, HBO Hits HD, HBO Signature HD, History Channel HD, Lifetime HD, MTV Live Asia HD, NatGeo Adventure HD, Nat Geo Wild HD, National Geographic HD, NBA Premium HD, Outdoor Channel HD, RTL-CBS Entertainment HD, Star World HD, Sundance Channel HD, Syfy Channel HD, Travel Channel HD, Universal Channel HD

That, and a whole lot more!

I know, I know, by now you're probably just amazed as I am, but there's one last feature I'm gonna share to you and I'll end with this hehe...

With Sky Cable, you get access to special shows and events through Sky Cable Pay-per-view and Free view!

Oha! Sa mga sosyalin dyan, you don't have to fly all the way to Las Vegas to watch Manny Pacquiao fight live HAHAHA, else suffer the agony of watching a delayed telecast! With Sky Cable, you get free access to special shows and notable programs! Also, you get access to the widest variety of live entertainment (sporting matches, blockbuster movies, special events, concerts, etc)!

Naks naman diba? All that and more, only on Sky Cable!

So what are you waiting for? Give your family a gift of bonding and quality entertainment by subscribing to Sky Cable!

Aaaand because I can finally record Be Careful with my heart, here's how I imagine my 8pms will be, watching my favorite TV show the way I want it! 

Now let me walk you through this campaign poster... 

and this commercial...

odiba, tv Sky Cable lang pala ang katapat ng pagiging homesick from new york!

Only from the biggest digital cable TV provider in the country,

Cheers to being able to enjoy your television #TheWayYouWantIt!

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