project: super labandera

so what's keeping me busy...
2 things lang naman, training and super labandera!

// training

well it's work related so i'm particularly busy at least 8 hours of the day. when i get home i just want to sleep. i want to make it a point not to study at home because I DON'T WANT TO and it takes time away from my daily k-drama therapy hahaha. in fact i feel so behind nga eh, why are my classmates to effin smart? >XS magkaganon pa man, i asked for this, and believe it or not, i'm enjoying it. i came in wanting to learn so much and so far hindi pa ko nadidisappoint! mejo information overload man but damn the modules are great.

hahah as much as i want to update my employment status already, it's too early pa. what if i get truncated? oh no. nega much. >__<;

// super labandera

sketching and coloring! just my weaknesses! i took this as a challenge cos i wanted to improve my skills pero more often than not tinatamad ako. hahaha i always promise myself to make the most of my weekends but but there's jeckie and there's k-dramas and there's... maybe i should work now. hehe

during our last mtg at amici technohub: paging and scenes discussed!
hahaha kahit may tamaditis ako i'm really grateful for this chance given to me, i may not be the best children's book illustrator out there (heck i'm still learning) but i know i can improve! having a couple of people (literal, si ate grace at kuya rey hahaha) believe in me is enough! >XD hihi keso much.

work in progress!

papers, adarna books for reference, and ate grace's macbook pro (sosyalin!)
hahaha eng seye seye leng. >XD

happy sunday and don't forget to hear the Word today! >:D

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