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// RIP joseph wiyden suico

one of our college schoolmates/orgmate died yesterday due to (and i'm not entirely sure of this info, i just got it from a friend who got it somewhere...) multiple stabs! shocking news grabe. suico was never really a close friend, but he was an orgmate (well, all IT/CS students are in one org), and he's one of those happy go lucky people around our small campus. wala ako masabi, i just hope and pray that the people close to his heart whom we left behind may find courage and strength to live on. also, that the criminal be arrested and served justice. my deepest condolences too. :(

here's a news article related to the incident:

hay. you can never be too careful talaga these days. danger is always lurking around the corner, even in bright corners! walang pinipiling oras ang krimen. hay Lord. T___T;

//my 5th blood donation!

last friday red cross came to pointwest for blood donation drive! yehey, i'm not really regularly donating blood but whenever i get the chance to, i most certainly do! hehe it's my 3rd from red cross, and 5th so far. and man, this is the first donation i felt good about myself cos i was able to fill the 450cc bag in 10 mins! in the past, everytime i donate blood, it takes ages for me to fill the bag to the point that blood is already clotting in my veins, leaving me with big ugly bruises. ewan ko ba. masyado daw malapot dugo ko. i should hydrate more. or mali lang tusok nila? lol ewan. that made me feel guilty though, why am i donating blood when i'm not even sure if i'm healthy?

i must admit, part of the reason i want to donate blood is so i can generate more blood and be healthier, get snacks LOL, and shed a fraction of a pound even for a while. ang selfish no? but last friday was the noblest i felt in the 5 times i bled haha. kasi feeling ko ang healthy ko so yung dugo ay makakatulong talaga! wala lang.

to learn about some benefits of donating blood, read up:

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