marry him if you dare: thoughts and spoilers

you have been warned! this entry possibly contains spoilers so unless you've watched it completely, uhm, don't read? hehe actually, you can read naman if you're interested in my time travel whatnots hehe

after watching marry him if you dare, i thought closely about the concept of time traveling in parallel universes and how it was used in the series. though there are a couple of loopholes, i still think it deserves some thought parin naman hehe plus i've always been fascinated with this crazy realm, so here they are...

- there are multiple parallel universes happening simultaneously
- and in each universe there's a different you
- doing a different thing
- resulting in a different future
- in essence, every unique combination of decisions you will make in a lifetime constitute an entire universe
- so you could say that...
- you cannot travel back in time to change your future
- you can only observe as another universe unfolds
- in fact, i believe that you traveling to the past to "change" your future actually creates another universe with that new factor in it, who know what you could possibly affect in that world?

wala lang. hehe. of course this has loopholes. but but, it fascinated me for a while! hehe


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