now watching: Marry Him If You Dare!

park se-joo, na mi-rae, kim shin, seo yoo-kyung
while rewatching princess hours, i'm also watching this super kilig to the bones korean drama Marry Him If You Dare. i know right? i'm on quite a yoon eun-hye overload right now. hehe she looks so different here! a bit older yes, and her super light brown hair curly too! di ako sanay! haha

anyway, i'll be rambling so much because i'm seriously flipped about the guys of this series. it's the first time ever in my whole k-drama watching life that i couldn't choose which guy to root for! aaaaarggh! i super like them both! it's so confusing! i feel like i couldn't care less whoever ends up with na mi-rae cos they're both lead guy material naman and they made me kilig so much HAHAHA

diba diba? if you're watching a series, most probably the leading guy gets built up better in terms of scenes and interaction with the leading girl, so most probably din we root for the leading guys. if not naman, for the most part i'm sure we have only ONE preference. but my goodness, this series is so tough! siguro kasi it's part of the story that na mi-rae gets to entertain both guys, she did say she wanted to give both of them a chance to like her then she'll sort out her feelings na lang. SO LANDI. joke lang.

ang haba ng hair nyaaaaa. kulot pa. hehe

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